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Can a Bernese Mountain Dog Be Left Alone?

It is expected that not all people know absolutely everything about each breed of dog. In fact, many of them don’t even know every characteristic of their own pet. However, all canine owners should at least be aware that most of these animals suffer from separation anxiety.

The Bernese Mountain dogs are characterized by having an affectionate and friendly personality but, at the same time, sensitive. They need to spend a lot of time with their owners and members of their human family. Otherwise, they could suffer from separation anxiety.

Can a Bernese Mountain Dog Be Left Alone

How Long Can I Leave My Bernese Mountain Dog Home Alone?

Most dog owners are people who have to go to work every day and have no choice but to leave their pet at home. Some are lucky because they live with other family members who could take care of the dog, but others only live with their Bernese Mountain dog, so they will have to leave it alone.

This situation generates in the Bernese Mountain dog a state of anxiety and stress called separation anxiety, which in turn leads to the development of destructive behaviours such as chewing on furniture, digging, running tirelessly, etc.

Normally these dogs can be left alone between 3 and 5 hours, but this can vary. Some Bernese Mountain dogs will not even stand alone for 1 hour, while others who have received training can get used to being without their owners for 5 hours or more.

What Happens If Our Bernese Mountain Dog is Left Alone for a Long Time?

There are many reasons why it is not advisable to leave the Bernese Mountain dog or any other breed home alone for long periods of time. We already know that these canines suffer from separation anxiety, and this disorder will lead them to present various problems such as:

Bernese Mountain Dog Destructive Behaviour

Almost all breeds of dogs develop this type of unwanted behaviour when left alone. However, this behaviour may be worse in a large canine.

The destructive behaviour is not only due to the loneliness that the Bernese Mountain dog feels but also because, being alone at home, it cannot exercise.

As the hours go by, this canine accumulates energy in its body and has to release it in some way. For that reason, it tends to run around the house desperately, chewing on furniture, scratching the floor and doors, digging, etc.

Bernese Mountain Dog Loud Barking

Bernese Mountain dogs are known to bark loudly and excessively depending on certain situations. One of them is when they suffer from separation anxiety.

Barking is a way of crying and expressing their sadness at being abandoned (that’s what they think). These annoying noises could irritate your neighbours, which is something you don’t want.

Bernese Mountain Dog Temperament Changes

Many dogs begin to develop aggression as they are left alone for long periods of time each day. This is very rare in the case of a Bernese Mountain dog, as these animals are characterized by their calm and friendly personality.

However, estrangement from loved ones is the change in behaviour that this breed can experience. We already know that these canines are very attached to their loved ones.

Therefore, when they are left alone for a long time each day, their bonds with their owners weaken. That will eventually lead these dogs to stop being close to their loved ones.

What Can I Do to Reduce Separation Anxiety in My Bernese Mountain Dog?

There are several things you can do not only to reduce separation anxiety but also to help your Bernese Mountain dog stay home alone for more hours:

Create a Pleasant Atmosphere

Prepare a place in the house where your Bernese Mountain dog can stay while you are not there. You can put out a dog bed and leave some toys, treats, food and a bowl of water there. That will make it feel safer and more entertaining.

Make sure that this spot is away from any external noise that could scare your Bernese Mountain dog.

Turn on the TV or Radio

The sound of the TV or radio at a moderate volume is an excellent method to combat separation anxiety. Those sounds can make your Bernese Mountain dog think that there is someone in the house so that it will not feel alone.

In fact, you can leave a recording of your voice to play over and over again. You can have this recording played from another room in the house, so the Bernese Mountain dog thinks you’re still there.

Exercise your Bernese Mountain Dog before You Leave Home

Exercising with your dog before you leave the house is an effective method of helping it stay calm during the time you’re away.

We have commented above that these canines can accumulate energy that they will later release through destructive behaviour. 

If you exercise your canine, it will have already spent all its energy, so you will avoid this type of unwanted situation.