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Are Bernese Mountain Dogs High Maintenance?

Caring for a dog is not the simplest task. Having a pet is a great responsibility, and therefore, we must think about it several times before acquiring one, especially if you are inexperienced.

The Bernese Mountain dogs are extraordinary family pets characterized by their large size, beautiful fur, and adorable personality and temperament. At the time of acquiring a dog of this breed, many people wonder if it is high maintenance.

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs High Maintenance

They are medium-high maintenance dogs regarding their grooming and their human interaction needs. However, that will depend on several important aspects and its lifestyle in general.

Why are Bernese Mountain Dogs High Maintenance?

Many people think that grooming is the only factor to determine if a Bernese Mountain dogs is high maintenance, but there are really other aspects that we must take into account:

Bernese Mountain Dogs Need to Be Properly Groomed

The Bernese Mountain dogs have a double layer, making it shed frequently. Generally, these dogs shed throughout the year, so you should brush them between 2 and 3 times a week. However, brushing must be carried out every day during the seasons of intense shedding, which are spring and autumn.

You must know very well the months when your Bernese Mountain dogs will start shedding so that you can establish a proper brushing routine. You do not want to meet with dead hairs in every corner of your house.

Shedding is manageable, but you must bear in mind that this would add more tasks to your daily life. It is up to you if you want to carry them out.

In addition, you must ensure to bathe them every month or once every two months. Cleaning them frequently could damage their fur and skin, which is something that many dog ​​owners do not know. In the same way, you must make sure to brush their teeth and clean their ears frequently since they are places that can have infections due to poor hygiene.

Bernese Mountain Dogs Suffer from Separation Anxiety

Most dog breeds hate being left alone. The Bernese Mountain dogs suffer from separation anxiety, a disorder that causes stress and anxiety in the animals when they feel abandoned. This situation can lead them to develop destructive behaviours.

This dog breed is characterized by strong bonds with its owners and human family members, including children and seniors. If you live alone and usually work away from home for long periods, then a Bernese Mountain dog is not the best option.

However, if you still want a dog of this type, you must take the necessary measures to prevent these situations, which are not easy to deal with.

Apart from training your pet, you must take into account other aspects:

  • You always have to leave treats and toys when you are not at home.
  • Ask for a member of your family or neighbour to take care of your Bernese Mountain dog. If you spend every day outside the house for many hours, hiring a dog trainer is most recommendable.
  • Keep the TV or radio on to make your canine believe that it is not alone.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are Energetic Dogs

Many people think that large animals like Bernese Mountain dogs do not require much exercise, but the reality is another. While these dogs are prone to suffer problems in bones or joints due to their size, they still need approximately 1 to 2 hours of daily exercise. If it is a puppy, then it will require less exercise.

You must consult with the veterinarian to see the most suitable exercises for a canine of this type. The Bernese Mountain dogs should not do intense physical activities.

If you want or have a Bernese Mountain dog, you must be aware that your lifestyle should be oriented to daily exercise. If you are not an active person and are not willing to dedicate time to train and exercise your pet, then this breed is not for you.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are Prone to Many Health Problems

Unlike many other dog breeds, Bernese Mountain dogs tend to be affected by many health problems. That is the main reason why this breed has a short life expectancy.

We have already mentioned that they are likely to suffer joint and bones problems. However, there are many diseases that could affect this canine, and one of the most common is cancer which is usually the main reason for the short life expectancy of these animals.

Having a Bernese Mountain dog implies being constantly aware of its health since, in addition to regular visits to the veterinarian, we must be alert from any unexpected situation that may occur.

A Bernese Mountain dog not only leads to additional expenses for its health. You must also consider the great amount of attention you should give it.