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Are Bernese Mountain Dogs Easy to Potty Train?

All dog breeds need different types of training to learn basic things or some particular skill. Puppies are the same as human babies, so it is essential to teach and educate them properly.

Puppies are not trained to urinate or defecate in a specific place, much less have control over their muscles to resist the urge to relieve themselves. Obviously, this is one of the issues every first-time and experienced pet owner has to deal with when bringing a new pet home.

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs Easy to Potty Train

Many individuals think that Bernese Mountain dogs are difficult animals to potty train. That way of thinking may be due to the fact that they have not investigated more deeply about this breed. These canines are characterized by being very intelligent and are capable of learning commands and skills quickly.

They are not difficult to potty train, especially if you have the necessary knowledge and proper methods.

Importance of Potty Train to Bernese Mountain Dog

Puppies, like human babies, are not even aware of where they should relieve themselves and where they should not. Obviously, the Bernese Mountain puppies will urinate and defecate throughout the house, whether in your room, bathroom, kitchen, carpet, furniture, etc.

In addition, we have already mentioned that canines at that age do not have their muscles fully developed, so they will not have the control to resist the urge to relieve themselves.

The most advisable thing is to teach our Bernese Mountain dog to urinate or defecate in our garden or backyard. You don’t want to find faeces in every part of the house.

How Much Time Do I Need to Potty Train My Bernese Mountain Dog?

While it’s not difficult to train a Bernese Mountain dog, that doesn’t mean it’s a quick process. We need to be very patient and consistent in teaching our pets where to urinate or defecate.

It generally takes 4-6 months for puppies to be fully trained. However, all animals are different; some Bernese Mountain dogs may need more time (1 year) and others less (2 weeks). It all depends on the specific puppy and the training method.

The learning time of a Bernese Mountain dog will also depend on its age. An adult will take a little longer to learn than a puppy. It is best to start potty training a dog of this type from 8-12 weeks of age. Puppies tend to learn faster during this stage.

What Should You Take into Account for the Potty Train?

Training your Bernese Mountain dog is not just about teaching it to urinate or defecate in a specific place. This training entails other factors and key aspects that will allow the learning process to be efficient and successful.

Set a Daily Schedule

That is one of the most critical aspects when training a Bernese Mountain dog. Puppies need a routine to adapt to, so it is important to choose very well the times during the day for your canine to relieve itself.

You could create a routine that suits your lifestyle, but the following times of the day are ideal for any family:

  • In the morning, after the Bernese Mountain dog wakes up.
  • After each meal of the day.
  • At night, before your pet sleeps.

If you frequently take your dog out in the yard or backyard, it will get used to urinating or pooping during those times every day. This process can be faster if you have previously taught your dog a command or signal that indicates that this place is where it has to relieve itself.

If the puppy is very young, it is best to take it outside every 2 hours during the day since it does not have much muscle control to resist the urge to urinate or defecate.

Observe the Signs That Your Bernese Mountain Dog Shows

Dogs, just like humans, can show various signs that tell us that they want to go to the bathroom. These dogs can spin around on their own axis, sniff everything in their path, or show strange behaviour when they want to urinate or defecate.

When you see some of these signs, immediately take it to the place where you want it to relieve itself. Once it’s over, reward it with treats and praise it.

Use a Crate to Train Your Dog

There are many ways to train a Bernese Mountain dog, and one of them is by using a crate.

A crate is an excellent tool for the canine to learn to go to the bathroom. The idea of ​​this training is to make the Bernese Mountain dog stay inside the crate and come out when it wants to urinate or defecate.

This training is effective since these dogs are hygienic and will not stand to urinate or defecate in the same place where they sleep inside the crate.