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Are Bernese Mountain Dogs Cuddly?

Bernese Mountain dogs are highly cuddly dogs that love to show affection towards their owners and members of their human family. They are very affectionate and friendly with all people (including strangers, children, and the elderly) and animals.

This breed of canine loves to hug their loved ones as well as spend a lot of time around them. They love to lie down or sit next to their owners or on their lap. In addition, they show their love by licking their owners or jumping on them to hug them.

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs Cuddly

Are All Bernese Mountain Dogs Cuddly?

Not all Bernese Mountain dogs are created equal. While the breed is known for being affectionate and friendly to everyone around them, there are several factors that can cause this canine’s personality to vary.

If a Bernese Mountain dog has been mistreated by its owners or has not received enough love, it may not be as affectionate or attached to those people. In addition, any negative experiences in the past could make these dogs less affectionate and more distant.

How Do I Know If My Bernese Mountain Dogs Like to Cuddle?

As long as such a dog receives a proper lifestyle and much love from its owners, it will like to cuddle. However, there are certain signs that can ensure that your Bernese Mountain dog likes to cuddle. Some of them are:

  • It will lie on top of you.
  • It will always want to sit down and rest next to you.
  • It will lick your hands, legs and face.
  • It will sleep with you on the bed or sofa.
  • It will climb onto your lap.
  • It will rub against your legs.

It should be noted that although Bernese Mountain dogs are extremely affectionate with their loved ones, they will not behave that way all the time. Just like humans, these canines need to spend time alone from time to time.

Giving love and affection is not the only reason Bernese Mountain dogs like to cuddle. They also tend to snuggle with their loved ones as a way to give and receive warmth and also as a method of relieving stress and anxiety.

Why Does My Bernese Mountain Dog Not Like to Cuddle?

We have already talked about this a bit before. There are several reasons that can cause your dog to be more aloof and refuse to cuddle:

Past Experiences

You may have acquired an adult Bernese Mountain dog that was rescued by a breeder or animal protection service. Generally, rescued canines have had bad experiences in the past. Perhaps some were physically and verbally abused while others were not fed properly or given an appropriate lifestyle.

These Bernese Mountain dogs are likely to be very aloof with people as they don’t know how to interact with them. Because they never received love, they may not like to cuddle.

It Distrusts Its New Family

This is very common, especially if you adopted such a puppy from a breeder. Generally, these canines are always together with their siblings of the same species in those places. From puppies, they learn to love and get along with their littermates.

However, when families adopt them, it is normal for them to feel insecure and distrustful in their new home.

Lack of Physical and Mental Stimulation

Exercise and physical activity together with their loved ones makes a Bernese Mountain dog form strong bonds with them. That will lead it to be more attached to them, and therefore, they will want to cuddle with them.

If a Bernese Mountain dog is not exercised by its owners, it will try to release its accumulated energy through destructive behaviours. As a consequence, it could suffer from stress and anxiety, and the last thing it will think about is cuddling with someone.

Season of the Year

There are certain times during the year that the Bernese Mountain dog prefers not to snuggle. These dogs seek the warmth of their loved ones during the winter. In the same way, they could be a little more distant during the summer, but still, they will always want to give you love.

Bernese Mountain Dog Health Problem

These dogs are prone to various diseases throughout their lives. Hip dysplasia, bloating, arthritis and cancer are some of the health problems that Bernese Mountain dogs can suffer from.

These problems can cause fatigue, pain, bone and joint problems and many other symptoms that make the canine not feel like doing anything, much less curling up. They prefer to lie down resting.


Bernese Mountain dogs are animals that love to spend time with their humans. They are affectionate and love to give and receive affection and love. They like to cuddle most of the time, but you need to be aware when they don’t want to.