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Are Bernese Mountain Dogs Clingy?

One critical aspect that allows differentiating dog breeds is the personality and temperament that they may have. Not all canines are so friendly and affectionate. Some may be aloof, while others display aggressive behaviours. It all depends on their genetics and origins.

Most people prefer to bring dogs that are affectionate with all members of the family. The Bernese Mountain dog is an ideal dog in these cases. It is characterized by getting along not only with its owners and members of its human family but also with strangers, children and animals.

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs Clingy

Bernese Mountain dogs are often clingy with their loved ones, and that is because these animals suffer from separation anxiety. However, that can be negative for some families and positive for others.

Why are Bernese Mountain Dogs Clingy?

This breed of dog is characterized by forming strong bonds with its owners and members of its human family. In fact, a new puppy will quickly become attached to its new owner.

The fact that a Bernese Mountain dog is clingy towards its loved ones is mainly due to its friendly nature and intention to give and receive love. These canines love to be around people and like to please them at all costs. They are so affectionate and loyal that many people use them as therapy dogs.

The main reasons Bernese Mountain dogs are clingy are:

Bernese Mountain Dogs Need for Attention

Bernese Mountain dogs, especially males, are very dependent on their owners. They need to spend a lot of time with their loved ones and receive love from them. If they are left alone for a long time, they will think that they have been abandoned and will suffer from separation anxiety.

They are very sensitive dogs that hate being alone, and that is why they are very clingy with their owners. They always want to be close to them, even in the bathroom or kitchen.

Bernese Mountain dogs need to receive a lot of attention at all times, whether during training or when they are exercising with their owners.

Bernese Mountain Dogs Loyalty

This breed of dog is very loyal to its owners and members of its human family. As we have already said, they want to please their loved ones all the time, and in return, they like to receive love, treats and praise.

The Bernese Mountain dogs will help you with everything you need. If you need to transport something in a cart, they will be happy to pull it for you. They can also be excellent therapy dogs to help you when you or a family member has a personal problem or disability.

Bernese Mountain Dogs Protective Nature

These animals are also known for being excellent guard dogs. They form strong bonds with their loved ones and will always want to protect them from any threat.

They will stand by your side no matter what and protect you and your children from anyone with bad intentions.

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs Clingy with the Whole Family?

It depends! If there is any member of your family that does not provide affection to this canine, then it will not be as close to it. Although the Bernese Mountain dog is friendly with all members of the family, especially its owners, it is true that it can also choose a member of the family as its favourite person.

The most common is that the favourite person of this type of dog is its owner. However, this may vary. Perhaps someone else in the family feeds and cares for the dog because its owner spends a lot of time away from home working. In that case, that person will be the favourite one, even above the owner.

Therefore, even though they may love each family member and be clingy with everyone, they will want to spend most of their time together with their favourite person.

What Happens If a Bernese Mountain Dog Spends a Lot of Time Away from Its Owners?

As we have already said, these canines are very clingy with their loved ones as they love to spend time with them. When they are not with their owners, they suffer from anxiety and stress, leading them to develop inappropriate behaviours such as barking, chewing on furniture, scratching the floor or doors, digging in the garden or backyard, etc.

Bernese Mountain dogs are very needy animals that not only want love and attention from their owners but also good food, treats, exercise and any kind of mental stimulation.

The latter is due to the fact that this breed can easily get bored if it does not play or exercise, so it is essential to provide it with entertainment to avoid unwanted behaviour.