Will Beagles Run Away?

Will Beagles Run Away?

As responsible owners, a pet’s well-being is one of the most important things. Although certain types of dogs can indeed defend themselves against other animals due to their instincts, they will not be able to take care of themselves in other situations, especially if they are pets.

Taking care of a dog, especially a Beagle, is not the easiest thing in the world since it has several characteristics that can make it difficult to control.

For example, these dogs can be stubborn, making them not obey us in many situations. Stubbornness coupled with their hunting instinct can make things even more complicated.

Beagles are always happy dogs who love to spend time with their loved ones. They are very loyal and become inseparable from them.

However, despite the great relationship and bond that these dogs form with their owners, they have a negative aspect, and that is that they can tend to run away at times.

Whether they’re trying to chase their prey or not getting the attention they want, they can walk away from you, whether from a park, supermarket, or your own home. All this will depend on the personality of your Beagle, and the lifestyle it receives since not all dogs of this type will show this behavior.

Will Beagles Run Away?

Yes! While not all Beagles display this behavior, some will tend to run away due to various reasons.

The first thing we must highlight about these dogs is their hunting instinct since it reminds us that this breed was bred from its origins to be an excellent hunting dog. Because of that, Beagles developed a strong sense of smell over the years, allowing them to detect any scent from long distances.

Precisely, this instinct is one of the reasons why Beagles tend to run away. Whenever they detect the scent of their prey or food, they will immediately go to that location no matter how far away it is.

Keep in mind that Beagles can detect a scent from a mile away, which is beyond the ability of other breeds to smell. Similarly, males can detect the scent of females in heat from 2-3 miles away, especially during the mating season.

It is important to understand all this to know how to control our Beagles and prevent them from running away; otherwise, they could be in danger in the outside world.

Reasons Why Beagles Tend to Run Away

It is essential to know the reasons why these dogs stay away from us. Some of them are:

Hunting Instinct

We have already said that Beagles were bred to be hunting dogs due to their hunting instinct, and this instinct makes them chase any small animal that they consider to be prey. Therefore, it is expected that your Beagle tends to run after other small animals that it sees in a park, such as cats, squirrels, or other dogs.

Scent Detection

Another of the main reasons why Beagles run away has to do with their great sense of smell. These dogs have been used as hunting companions due to their abilities as scent hounds.

Their sense of smell is better than many other dog breeds, and they can quickly pick up any scent of another animal or food.

They may stray away from you when they catch the scent of food or their prey as you walk through the park. At such times, your Beagle is unlikely to obey your commands. Therefore, you should always walk it on a leash to avoid unwanted incidents.


Beagles are playful and highly energetic animals that will always want and need to be physically and mentally stimulated. They love to run, walk in the park, jump and play with their loved ones.

These dogs can quickly get bored if they don’t get any kind of physical activity during the day, so they might run away to find a place to satisfy their needs. That is why it is important to give Beagles enough exercise daily.


During the mating season, it is normal for males to constantly search for a female to mate with. When your Beagle locates a potential mate, it will run as fast as possible to follow that female, and that will be difficult to avoid unless you neuter your canine.

How to Prevent My Beagle from Running Away?

The well-being of our pets is one of the most important things we must take into account. If we are not attentive to our Beagle, it could get away from us and get lost and have an accident. If you want to avoid any of these unfortunate incidents, follow these tips:

Keep an Eye on Your Beagle When It Is Outdoors

Whether you take your Beagle for a walk or leave it in your garden or backyard, you should always keep an eye on it to prevent it from running away.

As we have already commented throughout this article, the sense of smell and the hunting instinct of these dogs are the main reasons why these canines will move away from you.

Therefore, it is important to supervise it at all times, especially if you are in a park, to prevent it from running after another animal or in search of food.

If you have a backyard or garden, you should also not leave it alone without supervision as these canines could take advantage of the moment to escape, especially if you have a low-height fence. If you need to leave your Beagle alone in the yard, keep it on a leash to prevent it from escaping.

Provide Enough Food and Daily Exercise

A happy Beagle will always want to be by your side. A Beagle is extremely happy not only when it receives enough love and attention but also when it is properly fed and physically stimulated.

This breed is known for being one of the most loving to eat. Therefore, feeding it enough times each day will form a strong bond with you.

These dogs are very energetic and active and need daily exercise. If you give your Beagle enough exercise every day, your relationship with it will be stronger, and therefore, the chances of it running away will be less.

Build a Fence High Enough

This advice is only for people who live in houses with a garden or backyard. If you don’t have a fence in either of these places, building one for your Beagle’s safety is important.

These dogs love running and will not hesitate to go far from the house in search of some food they have smelled.

If you don’t have a fence or have a low fence, you need to install one high enough so that your Beagle can’t jump over to the other side. Remember that these dogs love to jump.

Buy a GPS for Dogs

A very effective and practical way to find your Beagle in case you lost it is through a GPS. A GPS is a device that will allow you to track your pet wherever it is.

So, if your Beagle has run away, you can use this device to find your dog quickly.

Don’t Mistreat Your Beagle

Mistreating your Beagle will undoubtedly make it not want to be by your side. If you physically and verbally assault your pet, it will try to run away from home to avoid being hurt again. Remember that dogs are sensitive creatures that also feel sadness, fear, and pain.

Can I Train My Beagle Not to Run Away?

Yes! In fact, it is something recommended since that will teach your pet to see you as the most important person in its life and from whom it should not move away:

  • This training must be carried out in a safe and fenced place to prevent your Beagle from escaping.
  • Keep your canine on a leash and stay in one spot until it looks at you.
  • When it looks at you, say a command (it can be “Yes” or anything else you can think of) and reward it with a treat. That will make it understand that it will receive a reward every time it looks at you. You should practice that for several days.
  • Now you must do the same but this time, reward it with a treat only when it approaches you. Once again, you must say the command before giving the treat.
  • When it has gotten used to the practice, unleash your dog and allow it to run off and “get lost.” Wait for it to see you, or just say the command “Yes” to get its attention. You should reward it when it approaches you.
  • Practice this training with your Beagle every day.