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Will Beagles Play Fetch?

In the world, we can find more hunting dogs than you think. The hunting instincts and skills of an animal of this type were developed from their origins depending on how they were raised and their environment. The Beagle is one of the best-known breeds for these characteristics.

These canines are known worldwide for their beautiful physical characteristics and skills in different activities, especially hunting.

Will Beagles Play Fetch?

Beagles are very energetic animals that need to do physical activities every day, including walking in the park, training, or playing. In fact, these animals are so playful that they will want to spend many hours a day playing with you.

Beagles love to play exciting and fun games, especially with their human family members. The games will not only serve to strengthen the bonds with their owners further but also exercise.

Fetch is one of the most common games that Beagles will love to play, primarily because it stimulates and develops their hunting skills. They can be trained to retrieve things despite not being the best dogs for that.

Will Beagles Play Fetch?

As we know, Beagles are dogs that have excellent hunting instincts. Generally, they are trained to develop those instincts further and learn new things to help them during hunting sessions. One of the most important skills in this aspect is retrieving things.

Beagles love to play Fetch, just like most dog breeds. These canines are very active, but their performance in this activity will depend on how much time you spend training them.

In addition, you have to bear in mind that these animals can be authoritarian at certain times, so it is normal for them to do what they want when they want. Therefore, training a Beagle will take a long time, and we will need to be patient and consistent.

While Beagles have excellent hunting skills, they are not known for retrieving items. However, they can learn to do this quickly as they are not difficult dogs to train.

Why Is Fetch Good for Beagles?

As we know, Fetch is one of the games most used by dog ​​owners to spend time with them and exercise them efficiently. This game is perfect for active dogs like Beagles.

This breed of dog needs a lot of exercise daily. For that reason, Fetch is an ideal and complete game that will allow your dog to run and jump while retrieving objects.

This game is best for owners of any lifestyle as all they have to do is sit back, throw an object and wait for their Beagle to bring it back.

Any source of mental and physical stimulation, in this case, Fetch, will make a Beagle happier and physically healthier.

Also, keep in mind that this breed can have behavioral problems, and this type of game precisely helps control and correct them. That can be due to several factors, one of which is a lack of exercise.

When a dog does not exercise and accumulates a lot of energy, it is normal to develop inappropriate behaviors to release all the energy it has accumulated.

Another benefit has to do with the Beagle’s hunting instinct. These dogs have been used for hunting since their origins, so, normally, they present the need to want to catch small animals.

Fetch is a game that consists of throwing an object for your pet to bring it back. That situation will allow it to satisfy its urge to chase.

Apart from everything mentioned above, it should be noted that Fetch is a game that allows you to form a strong bond with your Beagle since it is an activity similar to hunting.

Methods to Train Your Beagle to Play Fetch

Training a Beagle can be easy due to its intelligence, but it can also be challenging due to its personality, so it is important that you have a lot of patience during the process.

There are several ways to teach your pet to play Fetch, which may learn faster with one than another. For that reason, you will be able to know two effective methods. It should be noted that you will need a ball (or Frisbee) and treats.

The Two Toys Method

You will need two balls, two Frisbees, or one of each. You have to get your Beagle excited about these toys by either tossing them or playing tug of war.

What you should do is go for a walk with your canine and throw an object for it to bring. Make sure it goes for the toy by speaking in an animated voice as you aim at the thrown object.

When you notice that your Beagle is already holding that toy with its mouth, you have to make it bring it to you.

If you want to do that, hold up the second toy (ball or Frisbee) for your Beagle to see. It will immediately come back to you. Naturally, it will drop the first object when it sees the second one.

Once your Beagle drops the first toy, throw the second one. Repeat this process several times every day for a week or more, depending on your pet’s learning ability.

The Encouragement Method

This method consists of attracting the attention of your Beagle when throwing the ball or Frisbee. Make sure you don’t throw the object too far, as your canine may not swing after it.

Point at the toy and cheerfully talk to your dog, encouraging it to chase it. If your Beagle does not try to bring the object, you should encourage it. In these situations, it is best that you run so that your canine follows you, and your Beagle will later want to do it before you.

When your canine is already holding the ball or Frisbee in its muzzle, tell it to bring the object with a playful tone of voice. Once you have the toy in your hands, be sure to reward your pet with its favorite treats.