Why Beagles Smell Bad?

A large percentage of families around the world have at least one pet in their homes. Despite the diversity of species, dogs are the most popular due to many reasons.

In turn, we can find a huge variety of different breeds of dogs, and each one presents unique and distinctive characteristics.

Many breeds have certain characteristics in common, whether related to physical appearance, personality, abilities, behaviour, etc. However, not all are the same in certain aspects. The smell is one of them.

Although all breeds of dogs can have a bad smell, this unpleasant appearance occurs more frequently in some specific dogs, such as Beagles.

It is important to consider the above since Beagles are extraordinary family pets as they are extremely loyal and loving to all the people who are part of their family. However, keep in mind that not all owners will like having a smelly dog.

As owners of a Beagle, we must understand the reasons why a Beagle stinks and know everything necessary in relation to the hygiene of this canine.

Why Do Beagles Smell Bad?

Unlike other dog breeds, Beagles have a distinctive scent. That’s because these canines were bred to hunt in packs. Generally, this type of unpleasant odour is common in bloodhounds, and the Beagle belongs to this group.

These dogs worked alongside the other pack members to track, chase, and catch their prey. Beagles give off an aroma produced by body oils that allow these canines to be tracked by other pack members.

In fact, this smell has been the product of the development and evolution of Beagles during rabbit hunting since their origins.

Be aware that Beagles can expel odours unpleasant to the human nose. In fact, many describe it as a musky aroma, and that can be due to different reasons, which we will explain below.

Why Does a Beagle Usually Stink?

The Distinctive Scent of the Breed

As mentioned above, Beagles have a distinctive scent that most bloodhounds possess. This is because these dogs were bred to hunt in packs, and they needed to emit a particular type of scent to be tracked by the rest of the pack members.

Not all Beagles have such a strong odour, as that will depend on other factors. Despite this, this smell is natural in this breed, so it is very difficult to eliminate it through baths, but it is possible to minimize it with good grooming and using products such as shampoo, perfumes, etc.

Wet Fur

That is a common factor in many breeds of dogs, especially Beagles that tend to go outdoors for hunting or physical activities regularly.

A Beagle’s coat attracts many microorganisms when it goes outdoors. When they contact water, they spread through the air giving off a strong stinky odour.

Because of that, it is best to prevent your dog from getting wet. Keep it away from anywhere its body is exposed to water, whether it’s a pool, puddle, river, or anywhere in the rain. 

Even this situation can also occur after bathing your pet, but it should be noted that this will only happen if you leave it wet for a long time.

The best solution in these cases is to completely bathe the Beagle and then dry it completely and quickly with a soft, absorbent towel.

Exposure to Dirt

We have to remember that Beagles are active and energetic dogs that need to exercise outdoors daily. That causes them to be exposed to dirt from the environment, be it dirt, mud, microorganisms in the air, etc. Such dirt, along with a Beagle’s body oils, will produce a stinky odour.

If you brush your Beagle’s coat weekly, you can make sure to keep it clean of all the dirt that can adhere to it. Brushing will also allow for even distribution of body oil throughout the canine’s coat.

That way, it will be easier to reduce them through regular baths with shampoo and conditioner. You can also use perfume to give it a better smell.

Bad Breath

Oral problems are very common in many breeds of dogs. We have to prioritize the dental care of our Beagle since if we do not do it, it will not only present dental health problems but will also begin to give off a bad smell which will be worse if it joins the body odour of this canine.

You have to brush your Beagle’s teeth regularly to prevent plaque and tartar from building up. If that happens, your pet will have an infection that causes bad breath.

It should be noted that there are certain diseases that can cause our Beagle to have bad breath. In those cases, it is advisable to take the canine to the vet for a professional checkup.

Dirty Ears

The ears of all breeds of dogs tend to get dirty, but this situation is more frequent in Beagles since they have large and floppy ears, which hinders the passage of air.

Obviously, this is negative since, under these conditions, it is very common for that area to become moist, creating bacteria that will cause infections. As we know, any type of infection will cause a stinky smell.

Make sure to clean your Beagle’s ears weekly.

Can We Eliminate the Bad Smell in Beagles?

The answer is no. As we have said before, the bad smell in Beagles is something distinctive of this breed that cannot be completely eliminated since they give off body oils. Unfortunately, these oils cause a stinky smell.

Although we cannot completely eliminate this type of odour in Beagles, minimizing it through hygiene and body and mouth cleaning is possible.

Therefore, it is necessary to develop a plan to groom our Beagle regularly. It is advisable to use certain products such as perfume, conditioner, or shampoo, which will help us cover that bad smell that our pet emits.

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