Why Beagles Eat Their Poop?

There are many breeds of dogs, and each one has different physical and emotional characteristics. Some of them present interesting facts that cause uncertainty in people who want to have a pet of this type. We will talk a little about the Beagle.

Sometimes Beagle dog owners wonder why their pets eat their poop. In fact, many owners complain about how unsanitary and unpleasant it looks when their pets ingest poop.

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Keep in mind that Beagles don’t do this for no reason. Boredom is one of the most common reasons for this type of behaviour, but these dogs may also eat their poop either because they want to keep their space clean or to get the attention of their owners.

Similarly, if you don’t feed your pet properly, it will feel the need to eat its own poop to satisfy its appetite. Anxiety, stress, or worry can also cause a dog of this breed to consume its faeces.

Does My Beagle Dog Eat Poop?

As we have already said, Beagles eat their own poop, and this is usually due to a condition called coprophagia.

Coprophagia refers to the habit that dogs acquire of willingly ingesting their own poop. It is normal to see this type of condition in other animals such as rabbits.

Can a Beagle Eat Its Own Poop Due to Boredom?

Yes! This breed of dog is characterized by being very active and playful. A Beagle needs to be physically and mentally stimulated every day; otherwise, it will quickly get bored.

Boredom is one of the reasons a Beagle feels the need to ingest its own faeces. So, if you see your Beagle eating its own poop, it may be bored.

Also, these dogs ingest their faeces because they want to get your attention. If you spend all day avoiding your puppy, it will feel very lonely and anxious and will resort to eating its poop to get your attention.

If you do not want any of these situations to happen, be sure to keep your Beagle active daily by taking it for walks or playing ball with it. Remember that a canine enjoys the company of its owner more than anything else.

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Can My Beagle Dog Eat Its Own Faeces to Keep Its Space Clean and Tidy?

Most dogs love to keep the space where they sleep or spend a lot of time clean. The Beagle is no exception.

Generally, a dog will not defecate in the place where it sleeps since it is not in its nature, but there are times when this is inevitable. For that reason, a Beagle will try to clean its place by eating its poop.

There are cases where a female Beagle that gives birth to a litter of puppies tends to eat its own faeces and that of its children to keep the area clean. 

What Can I Do to Stop My Beagle from Eating Poop?

The first step before doing this is always to consult a veterinarian to examine your Beagle canine. After performing a complete examination and diagnostic tests, if necessary, the presence of diseases that may cause this behaviour can be ruled out or confirmed.

If this turns out to be the case, the veterinarian will personally prescribe an appropriate treatment to prevent your pet from eating its faeces.

If there are no diseases or presence of parasites in your pet that determine their behaviour of eating their faeces, then you must get to work to prevent your Beagle from doing this whenever it wants.

Recommendations to Prevent My Beagle from Eating Its Poop

Never Allow Access to Faeces

When your pet defecates, you should immediately clean or remove the faeces since curious Beagle dogs that eat their own poop tend to prefer it “fresh.”

The most effective way to do this is that the animal does not see you when picking up its faeces to throw it away. Sometimes, quickly making its poop disappear without the Beagle noticing helps it completely forget to eat its poop every time it relieves itself.

Discipline Your Pet Through Orders

Correcting the behaviour of your Beagle is very important. When you see that your pet is defecating and intends to eat its own poop, say the word “NO” in a high and serious tone.

In this way, you are giving an order to your dog to stop the unpleasant behaviour of eating its faeces or that of other animals.

Also, you can distract it the moment it defecates. For example, you can ask your Beagle to come to you and play with it a bit by throwing a ball. You should immediately reward it for its good behaviour. That will distract it and make it forget about the poop.

Diseases That Coprophagia Can cause in My Beagle Dog

Some of the diseases that this condition can cause are:

  • Diabetes
  • Intestinal parasitosis
  • Malabsorption syndrome
  • Hyperadrenocorticism
  • Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency
  • Intestinal infections

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