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Why Beagles Eat So Much?

All dog owners should take care of their pets as a priority (regardless of breed). Many families acquire beagles, among the most beautiful types of canines, due to their characteristics. 

This dog is considered an excellent family pet. They are loyal, friendly, and loving dogs that love spending time with their owners and members of their human family. They need a lot of attention from their loved ones through exercises and games. 

Why Beagles Eat So Much?

Like another dog, a Beagle represents a great responsibility since we, like its owners, must prioritize its health above all things.

That implies not only knowing the guidelines that we must take into account for proper care, but we also have to know more about their diet. A proper diet will guarantee your dog an excellent quality of life and good health. 

The reason for emphasizing feeding a Beagle is because it is known for its tendency to eat anything. These dogs love food, and sometimes they don’t know when to stop eating. 

Why do Beagles Eat So Much? 

This breed seems to be hungry all the time, so it will likely become obese if you do not provide proper care. However, the fact that these canines eat a lot does not mean that they are hungry, and this is one of the concerns that most of the owners of this breed present. 

Beagles have a much greater appetite than other dog breeds. Unfortunately, these canines have little ability to regulate their appetite, so they will eat everything they see over and over again. 

This need to eat is not because they were raised for it but is a side effect of how they were raised. We have to remember that historically Beagles were bred to hunt in packs frequently. 

Reasons Why a Beagle Eats a Lot

Here are some of the most common reasons why Beagles eat more than other dogs. 

Beagles are Scavengers

As we have said, these animals were bred to be hunting dogs. They hunted in packs for several days. However, the owners of these animals did not feed them, so these Beagles had to feed with all the carrion that was on the way. In addition, they had to compete for food with their fellow hunters. 

This dog’s hunting instinct makes it eager to eat all the time, and it is for this reason that it will always try to track down its next prey or food. 

These dogs have developed an even greater taste for food over the years, mainly due to how they were initially raised. 

Beagles Love to Explore

This breed of dog loves to explore everything that surrounds it. That is not only because Beagles were bred as hunting canines but also because they exhibit a high level of curiosity. That is why they love not only exploring the places around them but also all the food they can find. 

Because of this, they will try to eat everything they see at all times, regardless of whether it is garbage or any other harmful food for their health. 

Beagles Get Bored Easily

These animals have a high level of physical activity, mainly because they have been bred as hunting dogs over the years. Beagles love to get a lot of exercise and play for hours. Therefore, they must be physically and mentally stimulated for a big chunk of the day. 

If we don’t give this dog enough exercise, it will most likely get bored, which will make it have the urge to chew and eat since it is what it knows best to do apart from physical activities. That includes chewing food and all the furniture and objects in your house, so it is always advisable to keep it entertained. 

Beagles Could Suffer from a Disease That Increases Their Appetite

This case is more common than we might think. If we notice that our Beagle begins to eat non-consumable food (hair, paint, grass, dirt, clay, etc.), it may be suffering from a medical condition called “Pica.” 

This disease is common in many breeds of dogs but presents itself through mild symptoms. The most advisable thing is to take your Beagle to a veterinarian so that he or she can give you the necessary guidelines. 

It is not the only medical condition. Other diseases could increase your Beagle’s appetite even more. The most commons are: 

  • Diabetes. 
  • Cushing’s Disease (Hyperadrenocorticism). 
  • Malabsorption. 

How to Help Prevent Your Beagle from Eating a Lot?

Excessive appetite is a problem that increases as your Beagle grows, so it is advisable to prevent it since it is a puppy. It is dangerous for our pet to eat everything it finds all the time since that could cause certain diseases and, in the worst case, kill it. Some ways to avoid these situations are: 


We have already said that these dogs tend to eat when bored. Therefore, it is advisable to exercise them every day, either through games or physical activities. 

Fixed Hours for Feeding

We must develop an eating plan with fixed schedules so that our Beagle knows what time it will eat. You must follow this schedule every day. You can make exceptions when you give your canine treats, especially during some training. 

High-Quality Diet

Make sure to buy quality food with enough nutrients to satisfy your pet. If you do that, since your Beagle is a puppy, you will help it get used to not eating more once it has satisfied its appetite. 


It is essential that you watch your Beagle at all times to avoid eating any food that is not suitable for a canine. You should do that, especially during the first weeks, so that it gets used to it.