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Do Beagles Make Good House Pets?

Many people acquire an animal as a pet, allowing them to feel accompanied and improving their physical and emotional state.

As we know, different types of animals can be considered good pets. Some of them are cats, birds, rodents, and snakes, but the most common in many homes are dogs.

Do Beagles Make Good House Pets?

If we bring a dog home, we are adding a special new member to the family thanks to the great benefits that these animals can offer, especially from an emotional point of view. One of the most popular canine breeds is the Beagle.

This dog is considered an excellent family pet. However, like most dogs, it has to be properly trained to be obedient and behave well with their human family members.

Reasons Why a Beagle Dog is a Good House Pet

Beagle Personality and Temperament

Beagles are loyal, friendly, and loving dogs that love spending time with their owners and members of their human family.

They need a lot of attention from their loved ones through exercise or games. In addition, these animals are very curious, sweet, and playful with children, which is one of the main reasons why Beagles make excellent family dogs

This canine needs to live in a house with different family members (adults and children) and have fun with them by playing or exercising. It should be noted that Beagles can adapt to families who live both in the city and in the country.

It is essential to remember that these canines have strong hunting instincts, so they would not be the best option if you have smaller pets at home. However, socialization training can solve this problem.

Beagle Training

Even though Beagles are affectionate and friendly dogs, especially with their loved ones, it is essential to train them properly as they can be very naughty and energetic on most occasions. If we can make our Beagle obey all our orders, it will become an extraordinary house pet.

We have to make sure that the training is based on positive reinforcement so that the results are positive in a short time and thus prevent our canine from developing bad habits. 

We must remember that Beagles can be stubborn, so we need to have a firm attitude when training them. However, the training process should not present many problems as these dogs are very intelligent and capable of learning quickly.

The only thing you have to keep in mind is being patient and consistent during that time. You can also hire a certified trainer if you don’t have experience training another pet.

Beagles are dogs that tend to obey members of their human family (especially adults) and get along well with children. In fact, these dogs consider the family’s children as pack mates and will feel the need to protect them. 

These canines were used to hunt rabbits and hares, so they loved performing tasks, especially with their owners.

Like most dogs, Beagles need socialization training from puppies to get along with children, strangers, and other animals. We have said before that these canines get along well with children, but we must bear in mind that not all Beagles are the same.

If we teach our Beagle to socialize, it will become a much friendlier dog with the desire to please and be affectionate. That is important for families with children. 

Beagle Noise

Beagles can become very vocal, even more so than other dogs. This may seem like a negative characteristic to consider this dog an excellent family pet. But it’s not like that. 

While it is true that they can bark a lot, especially when left home alone for a long time, they can make excellent watchdogs. That is because these canines will always try to defend their human family by alerting them to the presence of something or someone suspicious close to home. 

The noise generated by this breed in certain situations may be annoying for the family, especially if someone is working during the day at home or there is a newborn baby.

One of the reasons Beagles bark a lot is because they suffer from separation anxiety. That makes them feel sad and worried when left home alone; therefore, they tend to bark loudly and even become destructive. That is why it is crucial to train them and give them the maximum possible attention. 

Beagle Exercise

As we have already mentioned, Beagles are active and energetic animals that need to exercise regularly (every day). They are dogs that need to spend a lot of time outdoors and exercise together with their owners to stay happy and healthy. They love to walk, run, jump, play, etc. 

This breed must exercise approximately 1 hour and 1 hour a half a day. You can use a variety of physical activities to prevent your canine from getting bored. You can play search and sniff games with these canines as they love them so much.

Suppose your family has an active and energetic lifestyle. In that case, a Beagle is an excellent option since you will not only have a loyal companion at home but will also be able to train alongside it. That way, you and each family member will have an excellent physical and mental level.

Beagle Grooming

Another reason Beagles make great house pets is grooming. That is because this breed has a short coat that does not require much maintenance, as it does not shed frequently.

In fact, it only needs to be brushed once a week to keep its coat in top condition. It would be best if you only brushed it three times a week during the spring when Beagles start shedding.

Due to this situation, these canines do not require regular visits to dog groomers as their maintenance is relatively low. That makes life much easier for family members.