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Can Beagles Live Outside?

The Beagle is a medium-sized dog that can make a great pet due to the love and loyalty it offers to its loved ones.

They are intelligent dogs that need daily training and love intelligence games and agility exercises. It even used to have fun walking in the park with its owner.

Can Beagles Live Outside?

In the family environment, this dog is charming and loving. People who acquire a Beagle tend to be happy most of the time. Being a medium-sized canine, it can adapt well to an apartment or home life.

However, many people do not like the idea of ​​letting their dogs sleep indoors as they worry that they may cause disasters at night. That is the main reason why many people build or buy a dog house and leave their pet sleeping outside.

Should My Beagle Dog Sleep Outside the House?

Beagles are not the right breed for sleeping outdoors, and their bodies are not made for extreme temperatures, especially cold, and they are bred to be indoor dogs.

Some people believe that letting their Beagles sleep outside the home is the right thing to do.

That is because the owners think these canines would be happier spending a lot of time outside the house. After all, they like to be outdoors doing physical activities.

It is important to mention that Beagles were always in herds running through the fields chasing rabbits and other animals.

For that reason, it was common for dogs of this breed to sleep outside the house at night after work was finished. Two specific cases must be considered:

Case 1

One of the possible situations has to do with Beagles that were left outside at night after being used for hunting activities. It should be noted that their owners built a roofed or covered space to protect them from the cold and other climatic conditions.

Case 2

Another possibility has to do with the fact that Beagles slept in packs. That means that after the hunting sessions, several dogs of this type rested and slept together in their shelter outside the house.

That was important as all the Beagles were warming each other while snuggling up, so they were not at risk of extreme cold.

Generally, these packs were made up of 5 Beagles or more. Some owners or groups of hunters even had up to 20 dogs of this type.

Can My Beagle Get Used to Sleeping Outside the House?

Beagles are canines that do not have long coats, so if you live in a cold place, your pet will not be able to live outside because it can freeze badly.

Also, it can be dangerous to leave your Beagle outside regardless of the weather because their developed sense of smell causes them to want to get away constantly.

These dogs are such a strong breed that sometimes we think they can do anything and live through any circumstance. But unlike the movies, the Beagles can’t handle the cold like we’ve been led to believe.

Like humans, Beagles have not only evolved in specific ways but have regressed in others as well. In the past, this breed could stay out of the house much of the day and all night, but today, Beagles can suffer from separation anxiety in these situations.

If I Leave My Beagle to Sleep Outside, Should I Build a Dog House for It?

Of course, you will not expect your canine to sleep on the ground in the backyard of your house.

It is totally normal for individuals and families to leave their pets outside while they are away during the day. 

If you leave your Beagle outside during the day while you are busy at work or other things, it is ideal that you provide them with a place to stay.

Remember that your dog will not be outside the house 24 hours a day, so you should not go overboard in buying an expensive or extravagant dog house.

You can buy a dog bed and some food and water containers. Also, it is a good idea to purchase toys for your pet to entertain itself in this way.

How Much Would It Cost to Buy a Dog House for My Beagle?

You can get some cool dog houses for around $ 250. However, a basic dog house is really all that is needed to accommodate your pet outside, and you can get it for about $ 70 – $ 150.

The idea of ​​building a dog house can be more attractive and fun for you as the owner of a Beagle canine. If that’s the case, the materials will cost around $ 50 – $ 100, which does not include tools.

What Problems Can My Beagle Dog Present If It Sleeps Outside?

Hypothermia in Beagles

It is one of the main concerns during the winter, especially since these dogs suffer from the cold.

Desire to Run Away

The situation of stress and anxiety that a Beagle suffers from being left outside the house for a long time can make it feel the need to run away.

Heatstroke in Beagles

Heat is another external agent that can negatively affect a Beagle that spends much of the day outside the house, especially if summer has arrived.

Consumption of Unwanted Things

Beagles are playful and curious dogs that want to explore the entire garden or backyard to keep themselves entertained.

Remember that this breed tends to get bored quickly and that, added to its great desire to eat, could make it consume everything it finds, including garbage, flowers that can be poisonous or toxic, etc.

Plant poisoning is one of the main problems for dogs in the backyard of a home. For this reason, you must be very careful with your Beagle. We recommend that you observe and be aware of it so that it does not consume anything toxic.