Can Beagles Live in Apartments?

Beagles are very cute and adorable animals. These canines are cheerful and funny when around people, especially their owners. 

When you are single or have a family, acquiring a puppy is always an option, especially if you live in an apartment. If you consider bringing home a Beagle in your adoption options, it is essential that you take many things into account. 

Before you have a dog of this breed when you live in an apartment, you will need to check a few things to make sure it is a safe, happy and healthy environment for you to live together. 

Can My Beagle Dog Live in an Apartment? 

Beagle canines can live in apartments, but this will only be if you, as their owner, dedicate the time and effort necessary to exercise them daily and give them the love and attention they deserve. Without that, your home will be an unhealthy environment for pets because they will not have enough space to run and play while they are alone. 

Owning a Beagle while living in an apartment is not recommended for the reason mentioned above and many more. However, there are some ways that can help you to live quietly in an apartment. 

What Aspects Should I Take into Account to Have a Beagle Dog in an Apartment? 

Make Sure Your Entire Apartment is Beagle Friendly 

That would be the first thing to consider since if your residence does not allow pets, you will not be able to acquire a dog. 

You should consult with the reception or the owners of the place to obtain and resolve each one of the questions and answers that you may have in this regard. 

Often, if the building owners allow animals such as dogs, only certain breeds will be admitted according to their temperament, size and behavior habits. 

Beagles need Enough Space 

A Beagle dog is medium in size and usually does not take up much space. If you only live with your pet, an apartment is ideal. That is because there is enough space for you and your canine. However, acquiring a dog could be somewhat uncomfortable and difficult to handle if you live with other people. 

You will need to have enough space for both of you and all your things to fit comfortably in the apartment without stressing each other out. Aside from the size, you will need to make sure that everything is well organized and comfortable for you and it. 

Beagle Barking and Neighbors 

Barking and neighbors are something that we must take into account when acquiring a dog. 

Beagles are noisy dogs, and it’s important to take that into account once you decide to get one. 

Why do these animals bark so much? The Beagle dog breed was used as hunting companions because of their prominent noses and because they have all those instincts in their brains and the DNA from their ancestors. As you know, hunting dogs not only bark but also howl. 

Even when your Beagle detects a strange odor, it will bark and howl, which will likely annoy your neighbors. You will probably get noise complaints because of this, so you will need to train your pet if you insist on keeping a Beagle in an apartment. 

Another vital thing to do when having a Beagle in an apartment is introducing the dog to your neighbors and making it familiar with their scents. That will possibly help your canine to bark less and to recognize the smell of your neighbors easily. 

You can also do this with your closest family and friends so that when they visit you, your Beagle recognizes their scents and does not need to bark. 

Study the Area and Check if there is a Park near Your Apartment 

It is a good idea to study the area where your apartment resides. If you want to get a Beagle, at least be sure to find a dog park. In this way, you can take your canine for a walk every morning and in the afternoon. 

Beagles are dogs that possess high energy levels and, as a result, require a lot of daily exercise and playtime. 

It should be noted that it is essential to keep your Beagle on a leash unless you are inside a well-fenced area. Not everyone loves dogs, and Beagles are curious canines and use their noses to sniff out lots of things around them. 

Once your Beagle detects an odor, it will shoot out to find it as quickly as it can. Therefore, to ensure everyone’s safety and especially your dog, it is recommended that you keep it on a leash until you are in a place with fences. 

Beagles need Love and Affection Demonstrations 

This breed of dog is very affectionate and compassionate, so they require more attention and affection. These canines love company and will be with you or near you in any opportunity they have, regardless of the activity or task. However, this is not always possible for owners who work during the day. 

It is not advisable to leave a Beagle canine alone at home for too long unless it is very used and well trained. 

Even if these animals are accustomed and well trained, you should not leave your dog alone, unsupervised and locked inside the apartment for more than 4 hours. 

It is important that you have a backup. If you have to work all day long, ask a neighbor or family member to take your Beagle out for bath time. Dogs usually go to the bathroom every four hours, and you need to be there for them when they want to relieve themselves unless you want a dirty floor in your home. 

Also, suppose you leave your Beagle alone and unsupervised for a long time. In that case, it could develop destructive behaviors, and it will become anxious, lonely and hungry after this period. 

If you stay out of your apartment and away from your dog for more than 8 hours, it will start to worry a lot. Beagles are known to have separation anxiety, so make sure you are home as soon as possible after work to love them for a while and ease their stress.