Can Beagles Live in Apartments?

Can Beagles Live in Apartments?

The area where we live is something that we have to take into account when buying a dog. Not all breeds can live in all places, and that depends on several factors.

Beagles are popular dogs that many people want not only because of their beautiful physical appearance but also because of their personality.

These dogs love to spend time with their loved ones and play with them at all times, so a not-so-big place to live would be the best choice if you have a canine of this type.

It is important to know if this breed can live with you if your home is an apartment.

Can My Beagle Dog Live in an Apartment?

Beagle canines can live in apartments, but this will only be if you, as their owner, dedicate the time and effort necessary to exercise them daily and give them the love and attention they deserve.

Without that, your home will be an unhealthy environment for pets because they will not have enough space to run and play while they are alone.

Owning a Beagle while living in an apartment is not recommended for the reason mentioned above and many more. However, some ways can help you to live quietly in an apartment.

Advantages of a Beagle Living in an Apartment


Size is one of the main factors determining whether a specific breed of dog can live in an apartment. In this case, Beagles are excellent for these places since they are small dogs.

They are characterized by measuring 36-41 cm in the case of males and 33-38 cm in the case of females. The weight of a male of this breed varies between 10 kg and 11 kg, while that of a female is between 9 kg and 10 kg.

This size makes them perfect for apartment living and residences of any size. Unlike large dog breeds, Beagles can run freely around the home without knocking over furniture or bumping into valuables.

It doesn’t matter if your apartment is big or small; it will be perfect to live with your Beagle.


Beagles are known for adapting to different places and situations, and the reason for that is their calm nature.

This breed of dog has adaptive intelligence, that is, it has the ability to learn on its own based on past and present experiences. Therefore, if you take your Beagle to live in an apartment, whether large or small, it could quickly adapt to that place.

There are certain breeds of dogs that are afraid of changes, but this is not the case with Beagles.


We have mentioned above the calm nature of the Beagles, which plays a fundamental role when it comes to living in an apartment. First, you should know that despite being calm, they can still have a high energy level and be hyperactive sometimes.

His calm and carefree nature can be seen on certain occasions that would easily stress a dog. Beagles can deal with negative situations and remain calm, especially in small places like apartments.

Disadvantages of a Beagle Living in an Apartment

Energy Level

This is one of the disadvantages that most dog owners will experience if they live in an apartment. Beagles are active, energetic animals that need daily exercise.

The amount of time you should spend exercising your pet will depend on its age but will generally be between 1 hour and 1.5 hours when it is an adult in good physical condition.

It is well known that we cannot train or exercise our Beagle in an apartment due to the small space. Therefore, taking it out daily to give it a walk and provide other physical activities is essential.

That can be an exhausting routine for its owners, and it is important to adapt to it to keep the canine happy and in good health.

A person who lives with a Beagle in a house can let it run and play in the garden or backyard, but unfortunately, this is not possible in an apartment.

This situation can be better controlled if you have a child. Children can play and physically stimulate the Beagles inside the apartment, although that will still not be enough.

Separation Anxiety

Beagles were used in the past to hunt in packs and do other activities, that is, they always fulfilled their tasks together with their canine brothers.

These dogs are used to the company of other Beagles or people, so they are expected to suffer from separation anxiety when they are alone.

This disorder is widespread in dogs that are attached to their loved ones. When you are not in the apartment, your Beagle will feel lonely and abandoned, leading to inappropriate behavior, including chewing furniture, scratching doors, and barking.

Loud Noises

Barking and annoying noises caused by dogs are one of the biggest problems when living in an apartment. 

Remember that several people live in apartments separated by walls. That means those neighbors will be able to hear your dog barking.

Beagles are characterized by barking very loudly in certain situations, which can be irritating to people who live around them. Howling is also a common sound in these dogs.

The barking sound will reach the side apartments and those on the upper and lower floors.

Many building owners forbid keeping dogs in the building due to this problem. For that reason, if you are about to move into an apartment and you have a Beagle, you should talk to the owner about this situation.