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Can Beagles Eat Apples?

All dog owners should take care of their pets as a priority (regardless of breed). Beagles are among the most beautiful types of canines that many families acquire due to their characteristics. 

Beagles are very active and energetic dogs that need a lot of exercise daily. Therefore, they need to do physical activities for at least an hour or more daily. In addition, they are known to be used as hunting dogs in their history, both looking for and bringing prey. 

Can Beagles Eat Apples?

Like another dog, having a Beagle is a great responsibility since we, like its owners, must prioritize its health above all things.

That implies not only knowing the guidelines we must take into account for proper care, but we also have to know more about their diet. A proper diet will guarantee your dog an excellent quality of life and good health. 

That is why it is necessary to know the most suitable types of food for these dogs. That is because many people acquire a canine of this type without knowing what they can eat or not. 

Many dog ​​owners wonder if giving fruit to their pets is good. Of course, fruits are great for humans, but some are also great for dogs. 

Can Beagles Eat Apples?

There are many good and recommended fruits for Beagles, and apples are one of them. This food is an excellent source of fiber and vitamins A and C.  

Apples are excellent treats for these dogs, mainly because of their low level of protein and fat. Therefore, this fruit is highly recommended as a treat during training. 

It is important to bear in mind that when giving this fruit to our Beagle, we must remove the seeds and the core, which can be harmful to its health.

You should also not give your canine a lot of apples to prevent it from suffering from gastrointestinal problems. The most advisable thing in these cases is to ask your veterinarian before feeding your pet any fruit. 

Benefits of Apples for Beagles

We have already mentioned before that these fruits offer a lot of benefits not only for humans but also for dogs, in this case, Beagles. 

Apples help keep the Beagle’s coat and skin healthy due to the vitamins A and C, carotenoids, and folic acid they offer. However, that is not the only benefit. These fruits help to hydrate your canine since it is composed of water. 

The apple is a necessary cleansing fruit for overweight dogs suffering from kidney problems. In addition, it has antioxidant properties that prevent certain health problems such as cancer or brain aging in the dog. 

Apples are high in potassium, which is essential for neuromuscular activity, hydroelectric balance, and nerve impulse transmission. This food also offers other minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium that are essential for the proper functioning of the body. 

Another benefit is that you can not only give this fruit as a treat to your Beagle, but you can also add it to their diet meals as an additional complement. 

Negatives of Apples for Beagles

One of the most important things to keep in mind is removing the apples’ seeds and cores. 

The seeds are dangerous for any canine due to their cyanide content which can be toxic to the animal. It should be noted that if your Beagle consumes some, it is likely that nothing will happen, but if you allow it to swallow many of them, it is likely to suffer from cyanide poisoning.

To avoid this risk, remove the seeds before giving apples. The apple core is difficult to chew and can cause your Beagle to choke. 

It is not advisable to feed our Beagle many apples because the sugar content of this food can cause problems in dogs suffering from diabetes and other diseases. Other consequences are diarrhea or an upset stomach. 

It is important that you avoid buying products that contain apples as they tend to have high sugar content or chemical substances that can be toxic to the canine. 

How Often Should You Give Your Beagle Apples?

The most advisable thing is to consult the vet before feeding the canine this fruit. We have already commented that giving this dog many apples is not good because of its high sugar level. 

Although you can use apples in your Beagle’s diet meals, it’s ideal to give them as a reward. That is why many experts recommend offering this fruit to your pet between 2 and 3 times a week. Make sure you remove the seeds and the core and give them small portions. 

Your Beagle will surely want to eat more. In that case, you can opt for other fruits or vegetables.