Can Beagles Be Left Alone?

Can Beagles Be Left Alone?

Dogs are extraordinary animals that resemble human beings in terms of the emotions they can show and their temperament.

These pets are characterized by forming strong bonds with their family members and constantly being attached to them. While some canines are more attached to their owners than others, they all need a certain amount of daily attention.

Pets, especially dogs, are considered by many individuals around the world as a member of the family and, therefore, should receive all the love and respect just like people.

These animals have feelings that can be hurt depending on certain situations, especially when they are left home alone.

Beagles are dogs known for their beautiful personalities. They are characterized by being loyal, affectionate, and faithful and like to spend time and form strong bonds with their owners. They love to receive enough attention from their human family members.

Beagles tend to suffer from separation anxiety, just like most dog breeds. These canines can feel sad, stressed, worried, and anxious when their owners leave them alone for a long time.

Along with their high level of physical activity, this situation can lead to destructive and inappropriate behaviors in these dogs.

Separation Anxiety in Beagles

We have first to know the meaning of this term. Separation anxiety is a disorder suffered not only by children but also by dogs. This problem occurs when the canines are left alone for many hours in one place.

As we have said, these animals tend to have similarities to humans in terms of their personality and emotions, so it is easy for them to suffer from stress and worry when they feel that they have been abandoned.

Beagles are canines that suffer from this disorder. That’s because they are loyal and friendly dogs to their owners and members of their human families.

That is why this breed will get nervous and anxious if left home alone. That mainly happens because it goes a long time without receiving love from loved ones.

The most common symptoms that our Beagle can show when left alone at home are:

  • Grunts
  • Barking
  • Howls
  • Whining
  • Drooling
  • Destructive behavior (Chewing)
  • Escape attempts

Can Beagles Be Left Alone at Home for Extended Periods?

While a Beagle can be left home alone for a few hours, it may be able to be alone longer if it receives the necessary training. Otherwise, it will suffer from anxiety and nervousness and develop destructive behaviors.

This situation occurs for two reasons. We have already mentioned the first one, and it has to do with these canines’ affectionate personalities. They need constant attention from their loved ones. The second one is boredom.

Beagles are active, energetic, and curious dogs that love to run, play, and train every day. Therefore, if we keep this canine at home for long periods, it will develop destructive behaviors.

How Long Can Our Beagle Be Left Home Alone?

It is one of the most frequent questions that the owners of these dogs ask themselves. The amount of time a Beagle can be home alone will depend on its age and training.

An adult of this breed can stay only between 4 and 6 hours a day. On the other hand, the puppies of this breed are more emotionally sensitive and require more attention, so 2 hours will be the maximum they can stay alone.

It is important to note that depending on the training you have given your pet, it will be able to stay home all day while you work full time. However, that will depend on the personality of each Beagle since not all are the same. 

What Happens If My Beagle Has Anxiety?

Evidently, Beagles, and any other dog, have similarities to humans, especially children. These animals are emotionally sensitive and can feel very sad when they feel their loved ones have abandoned them.

This situation can lead them to a state of anxiety that will negatively affect their mental health. Remember that Beagles are animals that form strong bonds with their loved ones to follow them everywhere in the house.

If your pet does not receive the proper training, you will not be able to leave the house every day without leaving someone to take care of your Beagle. You may be working all day every day, which means you won’t be able to spend much time with your dog.

This situation will cause your Beagle to develop destructive behaviors, including biting everything they find, digging in the garden, barking loudly, etc. In addition, your pet is likely to urinate and defecate anywhere in the house due to separation anxiety.

What Type of Training Should We Carry Out to Prevent Separation Anxiety in Beagles?

We have mentioned in previous points the average duration that our Beagle can stay home alone. If we properly train our pet, it can be alone for long periods, equivalent to a full-time job.

There are many efficient methods to create independence in our Beagle and make them understand that we will return shortly after leaving home.

One of the most effective methods many Beagle owners use is leaving the house, spending a few minutes outside, and coming back inside.

This method is effective since we will make our dog understand that every time we go out the door, we will return in a few minutes or hours.

The most efficient way to train our Beagle using this method is to follow the steps of these 3 phases:

Phase 1

  • Walk out the door
  • Get a little away from the house
  • Stay outside for a few minutes
  • Go back into the house

Phase 2

  • Walk out the door
  • Walk to your car and get in
  • Start the motor (this will make your Beagle hear the sound of the motor and feel the vibration from afar)
  • Stay a few minutes inside the vehicle
  • Enter the house again

Phase 3

  • Walk out the door
  • Go to the car and turn it on
  • Drive a few meters away from home
  • Come back after a few minutes
  • Enter the house

These 3 phases will make your canine understand that you will start the vehicle every time you go out the door of the house. Your Beagle will know you’ll be back soon.

Obviously, increasing the amount of time each day is essential so that your Beagle gets used to being alone for several hours.