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Are Beagles Smart?

Beagles are dogs that present a beautiful and elegant appearance. They have a well-proportioned and muscular body, a pronounced chest, an elongated head, and large ears. 

Beagles are adaptable and versatile dogs with a loving and curious nature. This canine is considered one of the most loved animals by all people in the world, and that is because it is a blissful and extremely fun dog that loves and cares for its owners. 

Are Beagles Smart?

These dogs are very active and energetic and need to exercise daily. They love to chase prey due to their origin as hunting canines, and that makes them impulsive animals, so we must provide them with good training and education.

For that reason, many people wonder if Beagles are intelligent before acquiring an animal of this type. 

Are Beagles Smart?

There is a wide variety of dog breeds around the world, each with different characteristics. Some are noted for their high energy level and physical abilities, while others are better at understanding their owners or learning commands quickly due to their high intelligence. 

The problem that many people have is that they think that a dog is dumb when it needs a lot of repetitions to understand and learn the commands and to improve in training.

However, that is not so. Not all animals of this type can have the same level of understanding and learning, and it is something similar to what happens with human beings. 

There is a classification that positions different breeds of dogs according to their intelligence. The Intelligence of Dogs is a book by Stanley Coren that classifies more than 100 different breeds according to their level of intelligence. In this classification, we can find the Beagle in the 73rd position on the list. 

As we can see, the Beagle is below the 50 most smart dog breeds. However, this does not mean that this canine is dumb. They are highly intelligent dogs with highly specialized abilities. In fact, they are known as the best bloodhounds in the world. 

An important aspect to remember is that Beagles are not easy to train. It takes a long time to train these animals and make them obey their owners. However, that does not mean that they are not smart, and it is simply a trait of its personality. 

Many people believe that the intelligence of a canine is based on the speed with which it learns, but that is not. Even though Beagles are challenging to train, they can perform their tasks most efficiently and intelligently. They are able to understand whatever we try to teach them. 

The main reason these dogs don’t follow their owners’ orders is that they are free thinkers, and they are not focused or willing to please their loved ones. The fact that this canine is not obedient often does not mean it lacks intelligence. 

How Can We Determine the Intelligence of a Beagle?

The first thing we have to know is that there are 3 types of intelligence. 

  • Adaptive intelligence: Refers to a dog’s ability to solve problems on its own effectively. 
  • Instinctive intelligence: It is the ability of the canine to carry out tasks naturally and for which they are bred. Some of them are herding, fetching, pointing, etc. 
  • Work and Obedience Intelligence: It is the ability of the animal to learn from human beings using its vision and audition. 

In this case, the Beagles have instinctive intelligence since they are dogs of nature with a carefree attitude that can carry out an activity or learn something by being carried away by their impulses and desires. Simply put, the Beagle is an intuitive dog and does not need to be taught to learn basic things. 

Instinctive intelligence comes from the skill for which they were raised. These canines were used for hunting so that they developed their sense of smell through the years. Today, the Beagle is one of the dogs with the best nose in the world. 

It should be noted that these dogs not only have instinctive intelligence, and they also have the adaptive one. Beagles can adapt to any situation and then process it to solve the problem on their own. They are intelligent dogs that are capable of learning from their previous mistakes. 

Now, it is essential to know that the Stanley Coren classification is based on the results obtained from different work and obedience tests. The main criteria used to determine the canine’s intelligence are the number of repetitions and the success rate.

The first one refers to the number of times it took the Beagle to learn and follow a command, while the second one is the success rate with which an animal of this type obeys an already known command. 

Perhaps the reason why the Beagle is so low in Coren’s classification table is that it is based on the results of the work and obedience tests, and as we have said before, these canines stand out for having more developed than the other two types of intelligence.