Are Beagles Aggressive?

Beagles are adaptable and versatile dogs with a loving and curious nature. It is considered one of the most loved animals by all people in the world. That is because it is a blissful and extremely fun canine that loves and cares for its owners. 

Having a Beagle as a pet in the family is like a blessing since these cute animals do not leave you alone for a second and make your life happier. However, before acquiring a canine of this breed, there are many people who wonder if they are aggressive or not. 

That is because many people think that their temperament can become conflictive and difficult to deal with due to their origin as hunting dogs. 

Is My Beagle Dog Aggressive? 

Beagles are not normally aggressive breeds of dog. However, there are some situations in which a Beagle can become aggressive, whether it is attempting to show dominance, protecting its territory, or alerting loved ones to a threat. Such a canine could also be aggressive because of fear, anxiety, or pain. 

If you have an aggressive Beagle in the home, be sure to use obedience and socialization training as ways to reduce its aggression. You should also show your Beagle some discipline. 

How to do this? It is easy! You simply have to show your pet who is the boss (in this case, it’s you). This way, your Beagle will be more likely to listen to your commands. 

What Makes Beagles Aggressive? 

There are a variety of reasons why a Beagle dog can display aggression around it. In general, canines tend to react aggressively towards humans and other animals, depending on the arisen situation. 

Beagle dogs are aggressive when they want to claim their dominance or want to be recognized as the pack leader. They can also be aggressive out of fear. Some common reasons are: 

Beagle Aggression towards Humans 

One of the main concerns that all dog owners fear is the aggression that their pets may have towards humans, including their loved ones. 

It may be the case that your pet thinks that it is the Alpha of the whole place. 

Beagles can be aggressive towards humans (often within the family) when they believe they are the pack’s Alpha dog or of their home. 

You have to know that these dogs were bred to hunt in packs. In other words, they have a pack dog mentality. In this way, the Alpha Beagles of the pack always try to reaffirm their leadership towards the other members. 

Despite popular belief, dogs do not automatically assume that their owner is the Alpha but consider him part of the pack. Depending on how you act and treat your puppy for the first few days at home, they will decide who should be the dominant one. 

The simplest solution in the event that your Beagle becomes aggressive against other members of the family is to be firm and make it know that you are the leader. 

Beagle Aggression While Eating 

Many dogs are fiercely protective of their food. In fact, we call this food assault. If you try to take your Beagle’s food plate away while eating or try to grab its treat, it may respond with aggression. 

Dogs act this way because of a very particular type of behavior called “resource protection.” It is when dogs show aggression (biting, growling, barking, etc.) to drive others away from their “resource.” 

This situation not only applies to food but also to toys or the territory that belongs to them. 

Aggression If Your Beagle is Playing with Noisy Children 

Most of the time, Beagles get along well with children. However, they may become aggressive if a child hurts them. Young children can sometimes pull a Beagle by its tail or ears, and It may back off as self-defense. 

The best way to prevent such a problem from occurring is by educating children. They need to learn to respect the Beagle and any other dog. 

Beagle Aggression towards Animals 

Beagles generally get along with dogs, and in most cases, they will also treat cats like members of their family. However, there are two main reasons why a Beagle can show aggression towards other animals: 

Beagle Aggression When Marking Territory 

Beagles will be aggressive towards other animals when they think they are invading their territory. That is why some Beagles will be friendly when outdoors but extremely aggressive indoors (at home). 

Beagle Aggression When Hunting Prey 

Beagles have been bred as tracking and hunting dogs. They have the instinct to chase and catch prey. Therefore, if you observe that your Beagle is constantly chasing cats, squirrels and other small animals, it is due to its natural hunting instincts.