Why Do Basenjis Shake?

Acquiring a new dog does not only mean receiving and giving love but also interacting with it. These animals provide us with many benefits, especially emotional ones. This is true regardless of the dog breed you choose.

A particularity that dogs have is that, unlike other animals, they are able to communicate with us in various ways and know what we are trying to tell them through our body language.

We can say that they are the opposite of us in that aspect since although human beings can understand some things through the body language that others show, our main form of communication is verbal language.

Because of this, sometimes, we cannot know and understand what our pet is trying to tell us.

Basenjis can shake at times, and the main reason for this is that they are trying to tell us something. As we have already said, human beings are not capable of understanding all the time what our dog is trying to communicate to us through its body language.

Basenjis’ bodies, just like those of any other dogs and humans, emit small electrical discharges. They are due to external stimuli that cause the involuntary tremor of some parts of the body or the entire body. However, keep in mind that these vibrations can also occur due to illnesses.

Not all breeds are prone to tremble, but unfortunately, the Basenji is one of those that experience this sensation. It is important to note that tremors have nothing to do with age, so you should be aware of any symptoms of this type at each stage of your pet’s life.

Situations in Which a Basenji Shakes

There is no single reason why such a dog can shake. It is important to know the situations in which the tremors in the Basenjis appear:

When They Feel Anxious or Stressed

If you notice your Basenji shaking, it may be anxious or stressed. This can often happen, especially when your dog is exposed to situations that make it very agitated and uncomfortable.

One of them is when you take it to the vet. Dogs generally hate visits to the vet as they think they will hurt them. That fear and stress will make it start to shake.

Other situations may include the loud sounds of ambulance/police sirens, fireworks, visits from strangers, etc. You should always prevent your dog from being exposed to this type of situation. If this happens, give it some treats and pet it for a few minutes to calm it down.

When They Are Cold

This is one of the most common causes of tremors in dogs and people. That occurs especially in short-haired breeds such as the Basenji.

Basenjis obviously can’t stand extreme cold. Their fur cannot heat it up enough, so they should not be exposed to low temperatures for a long time.

When a Basenji is affected by extreme cold, it will inevitably begin to shiver. Remember that we talked at the beginning about the external stimuli that can cause vibrations in the muscles of dogs. The cold is one of those stimuli.

You must take the necessary measures to take care of your Basenji from the cold; otherwise, it could suffer from hypothermia. It could be dangerous if your pet loses a lot of body heat as this will not only cause it to shake but also cause other symptoms such as:

  • Little mobility
  • Respiration problems
  • Lethargy
  • Dry Skin
  • Drowsiness

When They Overexercise

As we know, Basenjis are dogs with high energy levels that require a lot of exercise every day. That does not mean that we should exercise them many hours a day since it can be counterproductive.

The overexertion and fatigue caused by excessive exercise will affect various parts of the body, especially its joints and muscles.

The overload in those areas will generate those little electrical impulses that we mentioned at the beginning and will cause the Basenji to start shaking.

If you notice any unusual symptoms other than tremors, don’t hesitate to take your Basenji to the vet.

When Its Blood Sugar Levels Are Low

Low sugar shakes only occur in Basenjis suffering from hypoglycaemia. This condition can cause dogs to lose their balance by making them tremble.

Hypoglycaemia is common in Basenjis suffering from diabetes, so it is essential to regulate their blood sugar levels. For example, you could give it a sugary but healthy treat. Honey is a great option.

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