When Do Basenjis Calm Down?

Pets belong to a special part of many people’s lives. They provide all kinds of emotional benefits regardless of whether it is a dog, cat, rodent, bird, snake, etc. Each of these animals has distinctive characteristics that allow them to adapt to certain families better. 

As we all know, dogs are the most popular and common pets in many homes. That is because dogs are amazing animals that we can spend a lot of time playing, having fun, and exercising with. In fact, these pets are proven to provide many physical and emotional benefits to their owners. 

The Basenji is one of the oldest dogs in the world, originally from Africa. It is characterized by being an elegant and athletic canine of small size.

The dogs of this breed are known to be curious, independent, and affectionate, especially with their owners and members of their human families. They are a little more reserved with children, strangers, and other animals. 

Basenjis are very active, playful, and mischievous. These dogs can develop destructive behaviors if you don’t provide them with daily exercise. For that reason, many people wonder if this dog will calm down. 

When Do Basenjis Calm Down? 

We already know that Basenjis are very active dogs that require exercise every day. In fact, they cannot be kept indoors for long as they get bored easily and develop destructive behavior. Furthermore, they can also be stubborn and uncontrollable due to their energetic personality. 

These dogs may appear calm, but if they don’t get the necessary exercise, they will try to release all their energy in ways we don’t approve of, either by destroying things or running wildly from one place to another. 

This breed is hyperactive from birth, but we can control this high energy level through proper education and training. Many dog ​​owners wonder if these canines will calm down at some point. That will depend exclusively on the personality, temperament, and behavior that your Basenji has developed since a puppy. 

Notably, there are certain ways to make a Basenji calm down. However, that will depend on the lifestyle that we provide for this pet. 

Factors That Help Calm a Basenji 

Basenji Exercise routines 

That is the most important aspect since an effective way for our Basenji to calm down is by making it lose its energy through exercises and training. 

Basenjis are very active dogs that need to keep in constant movement all the time, whether running, playing, swimming, walking, etc. 

If you don’t allow your canine to exercise, it is likely that it will lose its calm and become hyperactive, developing destructive behavior that we cannot control. Therefore, you must prepare an exercise routine that you can carry out with your Basenji every day. A tired Basenji is a good Basenji. 

Basenji Attention 

Not all Basenjis suffer from separation anxiety, as that will depend on their personality and temperament. Despite being independent dogs, they are attached to their owners and need to be with them for several hours so they don’t feel alone. 

If you stay with your Basenji most of the time, especially during exercise sessions, it will trust you more and know that you will always be with it. That will help eliminate its bad habits so that its behavior will be acceptable. 

Basenji Education 

Obedience training is essential for Basenjis. That will allow us to have a canine that will obey us in everything. In that way, if it is hyper or out of control, whatever command you use should work to calm it down. 

In these cases, it is recommended that you ask for help from an experienced trainer who will guide you day by day to apply basic obedience training instructions with your Basenji. That is crucial as a Basenji can be mischievous and stubborn, so it could be difficult to train. 

It is important that you reward your canine with treats each time it responds correctly to a command. That will allow it to be more encouraging, and it will know that what it is doing is right. 

Basenji Feeding 

Food is a fundamental pillar for Basenjis, especially when it is balanced with the exercise routine. Many people make the mistake of feeding their dogs a high carbohydrate diet. That is not right since excess carbohydrates in a high-energy dog ​​such as the Basenji will make it much more hyperactive than usual. 

This situation will make it difficult to calm our Basenji. Therefore, you have to establish a diet based on nutrients and vitamins through healthy foods that your dog can consume. 

Can I Keep My Basenji Canine at Home to Calm It Down? 

It is not a good idea to keep Basenjis at home for a long time as they are hyperactive dogs that need to release their energy by doing a lot of exercise. 

In case you have to go to work, you can hire a dog sitter, so your Basenji doesn’t feel alone. Similarly, you can ask another family member to do it.