Is a Basenji a Good Guard Dog? 

Is a Basenji a Good Guard Dog

Regardless of the species or breed, most homes around the world have a pet. Because they are considered friends, these animals become significant in the lives of these individuals. Many times, owners love their dogs more than they love other people. 

Canines are, as we all know, the most popular and prevalent pets in many families. That’s because dogs are wonderful creatures with whom we can spend a lot of time playing, having fun, and exercising. In fact, these dogs have been shown to give their owners numerous medical and mental benefits. 

The Basenji is one of the oldest dogs in the world, originally from Africa. It is characterized by being an elegant and athletic canine of small size.

The dogs of this breed are known to be curious, independent, and affectionate, especially with their owners and members of their human families. They are a little more reserved with children, strangers, and other animals. 

Basenjis are very active, playful, and mischievous. These dogs can develop destructive behaviors if you don’t provide them with daily exercise. Due to their high energy level and predisposition to hunting, many people wonder if Basenjis can make good guard dogs. 

Is a Basenji a Good Guard Dog?

Basenjis do not make good guard dogs. They are, nevertheless, extremely vigilant and will provide an alert if outsiders are present. Basenjis are known for having good vision and a keen sense of smell. They can be incredibly protective of their loved ones. 

This dog will alert when someone, especially a stranger, approaches its territory. It should be noted that this breed does not bark, so it will not warn you through barking but rather through other sounds or even expressions or behaviors.

Although your pet can’t bark at strangers, once you make it understand that person is a friend and is welcome home, it will stop misbehaving and treat him like another member of its family. 

What Does a Basenji Need to Become a Good Guard Dog?

Some of the things a Basenji needs to become a guard dog are: 

Basenji Loyalty

Remember that this breed of dog is regarded as one of the most loyal and devoted creatures on the planet. 

If a dog is extremely loyal to its owner, it can become an excellent protector despite other characteristics that may play against it in this regard. 

A Basenji satisfies all of these criteria and more, as it will fight another animal to protect you. It’s important to note that Basenjis aren’t typically aggressive creatures, though they can become aggressive when provoked. 

Basenji Energy

Basenjis are extremely active and lively canines. They are capable of reacting to something at any time of day. 

What is the source of all this energy? Dogs of this breed have been bred to hunt since ancient times. That is one of the Basenjis’ most distinguishing characteristics. 

Basenji Intelligence

Basenjis are highly intelligent dog breeds. That’s because it is one of the most excellent hunters in the canine world. 

However, despite being intelligent, these dogs are not easy to train, unlike other breeds. So it may be difficult to train to become a good guard dog. However, everything will depend on the specific personality of your Basenji. 

Basenji Size

It is critical to emphasize that this is one of the most vital attributes to possess in order to become a guard dog. That’s because it won’t be able to protect its house or the property it guards if it doesn’t have a strong and large body. 

The size of a Basenji would be a disadvantage because it is a small dog. 

What Will Happen If I Place My Basenji as a Guard Dog?

These animals will pay attention to what is happening in their environment and make various sounds to inform their owners (we have to remember that these dogs do not bark).

A Basenji is not the ideal choice if you want a dog who goes through the door and chases a robber like in a movie. If you want that, you should be aware that a guard dog does not normally act in this manner. 

Making your Basenji a guard dog may disappoint you, as one of the most significant traits of this breed is its capacity to alert loved ones to a threat through its bark. Unfortunately, this breed lacks the ability to bark. 

Can I Train My Basenji to Become a Good Guard Dog?

You might wish to consider training your Basenji as a guard dog. Enrolling your dog in training classes or hiring a personal trainer to instruct it is one of the most suggested ways to do this. 

However, if a Basenji is unwilling to try, you should not consider training it to be a guard dog. Because they have a hunting instinct, this does not rule out the possibility of them acting violently against outsiders. Everything will be determined by the dog’s temperament. 

It should be mentioned that, like other breeds, this animal can be trained as a guard dog. However, when Basenji owners teach their dogs to be guard dogs, there is a risk that their dogs will turn destructive. 

You can use the following method:

The Method through the Identification of Areas

This method entails educating the Basenji to recognize the area that needs to be guarded. The procedure is simple to follow. During the day and at night, take your dog for a walk around the house. Throughout this period, avoid attracting your pet’s attention. Basenji will be able to focus and recognize its territory as a result of this activity. 

After you and your dog have practiced this, it will already know what area it needs to guard. 

The fact that your dog must have received socialization training is an intriguing component of this strategy. Allowing your Basenji to meet your friends or neighbors would be the goal. It will be able to recognize any suspicious person in this manner.