How Do Basenjis Show Affection?

How Do Basenjis Show Affection

Many people in the world feel alone living at home without the company of a loved one, while others have the privilege of having family members with them but still feel empty. Whatever the case, most of them decide to adopt or buy a pet. 

Pets belong to a special part of many people’s lives. They provide all kinds of emotional benefits regardless of whether it is a dog, cat, rodent, bird, snake, etc. In addition, each of these animals has distinctive characteristics that allow them to adapt to certain families better. The most common are usually canines. 

These animals are considered man’s best friends because of the loyalty and love they offer to their owners and members of their human families. They are not only stand out for their physical appearance but also for their ability, personality, behavior, and temperament. 

The Basenji is one of the oldest dogs in the world, originally from Africa. It is characterized by being an elegant and athletic canine of small size.

The dogs of this breed are known to be curious, independent, and affectionate, especially with their owners and members of their human family. They are a little more reserved with children, strangers, and other animals. 

Due to the affectionate personality of the Basenjis, we have to know how these dogs show their love and affection. 

How Do Basenjis Show Affection?

There are certain breeds of dogs that may not be as affectionate as others. In this case, Basenjis are very loving canines, especially with their owners and members of their human family, although they could be more distant with strangers, children, and other animals. 

Not all Basenjis will present the same level of affection as others since that will depend on many factors. Dogs, in general, tend to have a personality and temperament similar to that of human beings. That is why some canines are usually affectionate and friendly while others are more distant and independent. 

Although these dogs can be playful, stubborn, and mischievous, they will always try to give you all their love and affection. They are dogs that need to spend time with their loved ones. 

While it is easy for humans to show affection towards other people and animals, this is not the case with dogs. People can show love towards their dogs through hugs, massages on their belly, sleeping with them, giving them treats, etc. 

Dogs, including Basenjis, show affection through their actions and body language. Some may not be so affectionate, and that will depend on different factors such as their lifestyle, the love given by their human family, the respect for their territory, etc. 

How Does a Basenji Show You Affection?

Basenjis that are usually affectionate tend to do certain specific things to prove it: 

Basenjis Stare into Your Eyes

It is proven that one of the ways in which the Basenji shows you affection is by staring into your eyes. When dogs do this, a chemical called oxytocin is released to help establish stronger bonds between the animal and its owner. 

Keep in mind that strange dogs might find your eye contact threatening. 

Basenjis Lick You

Basenjis tend to lick when they want to show you affection and love. This behavior is not found in all Basenjis, but it is still an excellent way to show love. It should be noted that your canine will cover you with its saliva, so you must be prepared for that. 

When a Basenji licks you, it means that it will be there for you all the time. It should be noted that this behavior could mean that your canine wants something on some occasions. 

Basenjis Show Empathy

An animal of this type will give you affection and love when it notices that you are sad or feel bad. Most dogs, including Basenjis, show empathy for any emotional problems you may have. 

Basenjis Follow You

No dog loves to be alone and less for a long time. Basenjis adore spending time with their owners and members of their human family. When you notice that your canine begins to follow you, it is because it wants to be close to you and spend time with you. 

Basenjis Sniff You a Lot

Most dogs use sniffing to say hello. However, Basenjis’ sniffing can signify affection and love towards their owners. This fact shows that they are interested in you and want to spend time with you. 

Basenjis Lean on You

This behavior is common in most dogs that are usually very friendly and affectionate, especially with their loved ones. If your canine leans on you, it means that it has a lot of confidence in you and loves you very much. It may be the strongest display of affection a canine of this type can show. 

Basenjis Brings You Toys

Basenjis are very playful dogs that will want to play with you all the time. That is especially so because they are active and energetic animals that need to exercise all the time. 

These dogs see you as the pack leader, so they will bring you their toys or precious food as a sincere show of affection and appreciation. 

Basenjis Jump on You

Your Basenji may show affection by jumping on you. That is a behavior that you may not want to allow, as it could be annoying to have your dog on you at all times. Also, this would be a problem if you receive many visitors at home. 

Basenjis tend to do that, especially when you return home after a few hours. These animals will be very excited to see you home again. 

Basenjis Sigh

This interesting display of affection is not that common, but it could still happen. If you notice that your Basenji lies down next to you after a few hours of fun and makes a soft sound like a sigh or moan, it is clear that it is satisfied. A Basenji snuggles up and sighs because it feels safe next to you.