Can Basenji Mixes Bark?

Basenji dogs are very cute animals and are loved by people, especially by their owners. These canines are small in size and have an athletic body. In addition, it presents a beautiful and elegant appearance not only because of its physical features but also because of the way it walks. 

It is not only their calm personality that attracts people’s attention but also these dogs are not noisy. This breed of dog has been known throughout history for not barking. That occurs because their vocal cords are narrower, shallower, and flatter than those of today’s canines. 

Without a doubt, that characteristic mentioned above is one of the reasons why many people acquire this breed of dog. However, many others are also interested in adopting a Mixed Basenji dog due to their characteristics combined with other dogs.

Still, they have highlighted the fact that these pets bark a lot despite being half Basenji. As a result, many owners think that their dogs are not really a combination of this calm canine. 

Although the Basenji dog does not bark, it does not mean that it does not produce sounds. They are just not capable of making the typical sound we associate with the barking of domestic dogs. 

So what sound does this animal make? The vocalization of this dog is very peculiar and could be defined as a mixture between Tyrolean songs and a suppressed or stifled laugh. For some people, it is a sound somewhat similar to the vocalization that characterizes hyenas. 

Can My Basenji Mixed Dog Bark? 

Yes! The crossing of a Basenji with another type of dog breed allows this animal to bark as a dog normally would. Why does this happen? Well, it is believed that the genes of another breed directly affect and bypass the genes of a Basenji and make the animal bark as any other canine would. 

However, this will not always be accurate. For example, the dog may have the non-barking characteristic of the Basenji and laugh or make small sounds, or it simply may have the vocalizations of the other breed of dog and bark regularly and normally as any dog ​​does. 

What are the Kinds of Mixed Basenji Dogs That Tend to Bark? 


It is a mix between the Basenji dog and a Beagle. Not much is known about this cross, but there is some clear information. 

Both canine parents are athletic, compact, and medium-sized, but the Beagle is slightly smaller. Depending on the parental heritage of one of these dogs, your Baseagle may resemble any of the parent breeds. Still, most of the time, this mix will have the color of a Beagle but the calmer disposition of a Basenji. 

The Baseagle is a barking dog. In this case, the hybrid has more Beagle genes than Basenji genes and allows the canine to use its vocal cords to bark whenever. 

Border Basseagle 

It is the cross between a Basenji and a Border Collie. Typically, this mix inherits characteristics from both breeds. This animal can be very calm and graceful like the Basenji, but it can also be an excessive barker like the Border Collie. 


The Corsengi has the best of both the Welsh Corgi and the Basenji. These dogs have the herding mentality of the Welsh Corgi and the hygiene of the Basenji. 

If we talk about its personality, the Corsengi is kind and graceful like the Basenji. However, it has the herding characteristics of the Welsh Corgi and therefore tends to bark a lot at people and other animals. 


It is the clear mix of a Basenji dog with a Labrador. It can also be called Laborsenji or Laborsenjie. 

Because the Basenji is a smaller-sized canine and the Labrador Retriever is large, a Labrasenji dog can range from medium to large. 

The Basenji dog doesn’t bark but sings, so there is a high possibility that the Labrasenji hybrid could be a barker or a howler. 


This dog is a mix of the Basenji and American Eskimo Dog. It is considered a medium-sized canine with a beautiful, faithful, and friendly personality. It is probably a hunter, like the Basenji, but it is most likely a very energetic dog, as are both parent breeds. 

The Eskenji may or may not bark. That will depend on its inherited characteristics. The Basenji does not bark, and the American Eskimo Dog does bark frequently, especially when it wants to play with its owner. This animal can be very destructive, so it is better not to leave anything important within reach. 

Great Dasenji 

It is another of the crosses between a Basenji dog and a Great Dane. This animal can become medium in size and possess the personality of both parents.

We know for a fact that the Great Dane frequently barks, so it is likely that the Great Dasenji inherits this characteristic. This mixed dog can bark countless times to scare or get someone’s attention. 

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