Basenji Mixes: All You Need to Know

Basenji Mixes: All You Need to Know

Basenjis are an intelligent, strong, and hardworking breed of hunting dog believed to have originated in Central Africa hundreds of years ago. They are classified as a basal breed, implying they were bred to serve a specific purpose as working dogs.

Prized for their loyalty, courage, and obedience, Basenji dogs possess one very unusual and distinctive trait. Due to a uniquely-shaped larynx, they do not bark. Instead, they yodel, howl, or employ a series of other vocalizations to communicate. This has earned them the moniker of “barkless dogs.”

Their interesting history aside, Basenjis are known to make excellent family dogs. They are high energy and love to play but will reward your attention with affection and commitment.

Today, if you’re looking for a pup of this sort, there are numerous Basenji mixes available to rescue from adoption shelters or purchase from breeders.

In this post, we’ll take a look at ten of the best Basenji mix-breeds out there, detailing their appearance and personality characteristics.

One of these might just be the dog for you.

Border Collie and Basenji MixMedium25 to 55 poundsShort HairBrown, Black, or Tan with White12 to 15 years
Welsh Corgi and Basenji MixMedium, Short22 to 40 poundsShort to Medium HairBrown or Tan, with White12 to 15 years
Great Dane and Basenji MixMedium to Large30 to 175 poundsShort HairBlack, Brown, White, Tan, Grey7 to 14 years
German Shepherd and Basenji MixMedium to Large20 to 90 poundsShort to Medium HairBlack, Brown8 to 14 years
Labrador and Basenji MixMedium to Large25 to 80 poundsShort HairBlonde, Brown, Tan, White10 to 14 years
Pit Bull and Basenji MixSmall to Medium20 to 65 poundsShort HairBlack, Brown, Brinjal, Tan, White8 to 15 years
Australian Cattle Dog and Basenji MixSmall to Medium20 to 50 poundsShort HairBrown, Tan, White12 to 16 years
Greyhound and Basenji MixSmall to Medium20 to 70 poundsShort HairTan, White, Brown, Grey10 to 14 years
Cocker Spaniel and Basenji MixSmall to Medium20 to 30 poundsShort to Medium HairBrown, Tan with White12 to 14 years
Shiba Inu and Basenji MixSmall to Medium18 to 28 poundsShort HairBrown, Tan, Blonde12 to 16 years

Border Collie and Basenji Mix

Both Basenji dogs and Border Collies have an inherent herding trait that makes this mix the perfect companion for farmers or families living on smallholdings.

Border Collie Basenji mix-breeds are intelligent, alert, active, and eager learners that require plenty of stimulation and exercise.

That being said, they are easy to train and make exceptionally loyal companions.

Welsh Corgi and Basenji Mix

One of the cutest mix-breeds around, the Welsh Corgi and Basenji Mix is an athletic and independent dog revered for its watchdog skills.

This dog is great with children, adults, and other animals, being friendly, social, and affectionate.

They’re also surprisingly clean and enjoy grooming themselves in a manner similar to cats.

Great Dane and Basenji Mix

The best of both worlds meets in the lesser-known mix of the Great Dane and the Basenji. Inheriting the gentle, caring nature of the Great Dane and the adventurous spirit of the Basenji, this breed is social and outgoing.

However, they are big dogs (although their size can vary quite drastically) and require training and plenty of exercises. They’re very loyal to their owners but aren’t the best around small children, as they may knock them over or hurt them without meaning to.

German Shepherd and Basenji Mix

German Shepherds and Basenjis are similar in temperament, making this mix an ideal combination. These dogs are athletic, social, intelligent, independent, and easy to train. They get on well with families, adoring children, as well as with other pets.

They are also good watchdogs, as they can be watchful and reserved around strangers.

Labrador and Basenji Mix

While they can be stubborn and difficult to train, Labrador-Basenji mixes are sought-after because they’re such excellent family dogs.

You won’t find a more loyal pup than this gentle and friendly mix. If you have small kids, they’re likely to have an absolute ball growing up alongside this non-aggressive and playful pup.

Don’t expect them to guard your house, though!

Pit Bull and Basenji Mix

The Pit Bull and Basenji mix is a beautiful dog but is recommended for experienced dog owners rather than families purchasing their first pet.

While these dogs are highly intelligent and alert, they need to be trained and socialized as they may not love being around other animals.

In the right hands, they’re exceptional, loyal, and extremely active dogs.  

Australian Cattle Dog and Basenji Mix

This mixed breed can be tricky for families and is a better option for farmers or people living independently with plenty of time to train and exercise them.

The reason for this? Australian Cattle Dogs are herders, and Basenjis are hunters. Combining the two results in an active, basal breed with plenty of instincts and urges less than ideal for suburban or urban environments.

However, with the right owner, you’ll have a loyal, intelligent working dog suited to an active lifestyle.

Greyhound and Basenji Mix

The Greyhound-Basenji mix is one of the quickest and most agile breeds out there. With an incredible hunting instinct and a lightning-fast gait, these beautiful pups are great for families living in areas with plenty of room for exercise.

Their natures are loyal and alert, and they’re friendly to strangers if they’re well-trained and socialized.

Cocker Spaniel and Basenji Mix

In terms of family dogs, you can’t go wrong with a Cocker Spaniel and Basenji mix. They are low maintenance and easy to train. In addition to this, they’re on the smaller side, so they’re great for families with small children.

While they can be quite needy, you won’t find a more loyal pup, provided it’s properly socialized.

Shiba Inu and Basenji Mix

Born of two ancient breeds, the Shiba Inu and Basenji mix is a highly intelligent but stubborn breed that can be tricky to train.

They self-groom, much like cats, and are also on the smaller side, but they do best with independent owners who give them plenty of time and attention.

They are gorgeous, though, as they usually inherit the exotic looks of their parent breeds.

If you’re looking to bring a Basenji mix into your home, it’s difficult to go wrong. Overall, they’re lovely dogs that are good with people and other animals. However, some mixes can be more difficult to train than others, so conduct proper research before settling on a breed.

When you do, you’re likely to have plenty of years of loyalty and affection from a truly special type of dog.