Basenji Energy Level 

Basenji Energy Level 

Caring for a pet is not as straightforward as it may seem. There are numerous features and concerns to consider when living with a dog, cat, bird, snake, rodent, or any other animal.

Each has its own set of characteristics and care demands, which will be treated according to the family to which it belongs. 

As we all know, dogs are the most popular and prevalent pets in many families. Canines are unique animals with which we may spend a lot of time having fun, exercising, and playing.

Some are more noticeable because of their physical appearance, temperament, and character, while others are more noticeable because of their abilities. 

The Basenji originated in Africa and is one of the world’s oldest canines. It is distinguished by being a petite, elegant, and athletic canine. This type of dog is recognized for being curious, independent, and affectionate, especially with their owners and human family members.

When it comes to youngsters, strangers, and other animals, they are a little more reserved. In fact, for families with small children, they may not be the greatest option. 

This dog has been characterized from its origin as being a hunter. Due to that and their genetics, these canines are animals with a high energy level and can be challenging to control for inexperienced owners. 

Basenji Energy Level

Basenjis are recognized for being extremely loyal, affectionate, attentive, active, and energetic. If this kind of dog does not get enough exercise, it might become destructive. These canines thrive in homes where they get enough exercise, receive enough attention, and have good obedience training. 

Basenjis are sighthounds, so anything moving will pique their interest. That makes it challenging to keep them contained in a yard, as they can climb over fences of any height and escape. Not even an electronic fence buried underground will deter them.   

How to Take Care of an Energetic Dog Like the Basenji?

Basenjis, being high-energy dogs, prosper when they have a solid training base and a daily schedule that combines a lot of exercises and mental stimulation. Running is crucial for this breed, but it may not be enough for some dogs. Dog sports are a good fit for most high-energy animals of this type. 

Suppose you do not know the amount of exercise you should provide for your Basenji. In that case, you can go to the veterinarian, who will help you in this situation by evaluating your pet’s physical state and living conditions. 

Aspects That Could Make Your Basenji More Energetic

Although the Basenji is an energetic and active dog by nature, this canine, like any other, can have an even higher level of energy which various factors can trigger: 

Basenji Feeding

It’s critical to make the right food choices. That is, it must be suitable for its age and weight, avoiding a high protein and carbohydrate index, which could lead to an excessive amount of energy. 

Basenji Exercise

Actually, exercise will help your Basenji to release all the accumulated energy. However, if you do not provide enough exercise for this canine, it will likely become anxious and hyperactive.

That will lead it to develop destructive behavior raising its energy level. That is why walks and exercises should belong and that you also allow your canine to interact with other dogs in the area. 

Basenji Games

Basenjis are playful dogs that love to play with their loved ones. There are many dog toys, but not all are ideal for a Basenji, as some could stimulate it more than necessary. 

Games that excite their sense of smell may be ideal for hyperactive or worried dogs, as this exercise is calming and relaxing. For instance, food could be placed within toys so that the canine seeks to remove it, stimulating and speeding up the animal’s thinking and allowing it to forget about anxiety. 

Interaction with Your Basenji When You Get Home

The emotional state of this breed of dog is quite significant. If you come home very excited or nervous, you may elevate its anxiety level, greet it effusively, and soon launch into the gaming routine.

It would be more suitable to wait for it to relax and reduce tension over the meeting before greeting it calmly.