Are Basenjis Good With Cats?

It is very common for many families to acquire a pet for all its benefits. There is a wide variety of species, among which the most common are dogs and cats.

While it is true that the most popular pets are dogs, a large number of people are cat lovers. In fact, many individuals love both dogs and cats and therefore decide to acquire both.

You may be wondering if that is possible since most people believe that cats and dogs hate each other. That’s not true at all. While evidence supports this belief, you have to keep in mind that not all canines and felines are the same. There are certain breeds of dogs that can get along with cats and vice versa.

You have to keep in mind that cats love to form strong bonds of friendship, especially with their owners. Generally, these animals are calm and neat and do not cause so many problems when there is another pet in the house.

Dogs are very loyal animals that love each member of their family and have the ability to learn to get along with other pets.

Most dogs and cats that don’t get along weren’t trained from an early age. Obviously, it is very difficult for the two animals to get along if they are already adults. Due to the personality of the Basenjis, many owners wonder if these dogs can get along with cats.

Are Basenjis Good with Cats?

Basenjis can get along (or not) with cats depending on various things, and that is because they are naturally aloof, which means they are very affectionate and friendly to their owners or members of their human family, but most of the time, they cannot get along with strangers and other animals.

Besides, it is characterized by being a curious and alert dog that can respond aggressively to situations that it considers threats. For that reason, it is not a good dog for families with small children and other smaller animals.

Despite these characteristics, certain factors will influence the coexistence between your Basenji and cat. The most critical aspects are socialisation training, attention, and the interactivity between the two when playing or exercising.

You must know that these dogs need to receive socialisation training from puppies not only to get along with cats but also with other animals and people.

That is, if you raise your Basenji together with a cat from a young age, they will likely become best friends. In case you already have a feline and acquire an adult Basenji, there will possibly be problems in your house.

Although socialisation training is an effective way to get a Basenji to get along with a cat, there is no guarantee that your dog will be one of them.

Remember that each canine is different and develops nuanced personalities and behaviours that differentiate them from others.

How Can I Get My Basenji to Get Along with a Cat?


Suppose you have just acquired a Basenji puppy and are thinking of adopting a cat. In that case, it is best to take your canine to a cat sanctuary beforehand, where it can become familiar with felines’ smells and behaviours.

This practice aims to establish bonds between both animals so that the Basenji gets used to the idea of ​​living with an animal of this type.


Both animals (a Basenji and a cat) must coexist little by little over time. You can put both animals in a room and watch their movements. It should be noted that this process can take several weeks.

Make sure to supervise them when leaving them alone in the room to avoid any problems. Keep in mind an escape route for the cat if the situation becomes complicated.


You have to teach your Basenji what to do. The dog must be oriented to obey orders like “Focus,” “No,” “Stay there,” “Stay away,” “Leave,” and more. This training can last a long time, but it is necessary to help your canine get along with the cat.

Steps to Introduce Your Basenji to a Cat

Avoid Leaving Your Basenji with the Cat the First Time

If you have a cat and have brought a Basenji home, it is essential to keep them away. Basenjis are dogs that have stood out throughout their history for their hunting skills. If you let the 2 pets be in the same place, it is possible that your Basenji’s hunting instinct will manifest itself.

For that reason, the best thing to do is keep your Basenji in one place and your cat in another. For example, you can leave your cat in one room and install a baby gate so it can get out.

The Basenji can be free throughout the house, but you should not let it into the cat’s room. This should only be done while the two pets get used to living together.

Let Your Basenji See the Cat in the Room

These animals can sense each other’s presence, but they still need to see each other. While your cat is in the room, you can open the door for your dog to see it.

It is essential that you keep your dog on a leash to avoid an unfortunate incident. The idea of ​​this is to let your Basenji know that the cat is home and lives there too.

If your Basenji keeps up good behaviour, reward it with a treat. On the other hand, if you notice signs of aggression, close the door and repeat this process after several hours or the next day.

Make Your Basenji Interact with the Cat

It’s time for both the Basenji and the cat to meet each other:

  • Take your cat to the room where the Basenji is.
  • Keep your dog on a leash and restrain it while the cat circles it.
  • If you notice that your Basenji is getting desperate and you see its intention to attack the cat, then hold it and pet it. At that point, bring the cat back into the room. Note: If you have previously given your dog obedience training, you can use some commands.
  • Repeat this process for as many days as necessary until your Basenji stops showing signs of aggression towards the cat.

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