Are Basenjis Good Apartment Dogs?

Are Basenjis Good Apartment Dogs

The Basenji is one of the oldest domesticated breeds. It originated in Africa, and since then, it has developed excellent hunting skills that have led it to be today a very energetic, active, and intelligent dog.

Although they are small dogs, they are not good for families with children or smaller pets unless they receive socialisation training at an early age. That is due to the hunting instinct that we have just mentioned.

Basenjis are playful and mischievous and will love to run around to use up the energy they have stored in their bodies. They can be stubborn, so you may find it difficult to train them on certain occasions.

All of these characteristics make us wonder if Basenjis can really make good apartment dogs.

Are Basenjis Good Apartment Dogs?

It depends. Basenjis are excellent dogs for apartment living for various reasons, such as their size or because they don’t bark. However, they need a lot of daily exercise, and that can be a problem.

That is because they are active and energetic animals that need to do various physical activities every day to stay healthy and happy. This fact is important to emphasize since there is not enough space for the canine to exercise in an apartment.

Apart from that, there are certain factors that make Basenjis able to live in apartments:

They Have a Small Size

It is one of the requirements that a Basenji meets to be considered a good apartment dog. It is a small breed of dog that makes it an ideal pet to live in these types of places. As we know, most apartments can be small so having a large dog is not a good option, especially if it needs a lot of exercise.

This dog’s average height varies between 40 cm and 43 cm, and its weight is between 9 kg and 11 kg. This size is ideal for small spaces such as an apartment. Even so, we have to remember that not all dogs are the same and that there may be some that exhibit inappropriate behaviours that make them bad apartment dogs.

They Don’t Bark

It is one of the most determining factors by which we can consider Basenjis as excellent apartment dogs. The apartments are small dwellings housed in a building.

Generally, the neighbours could hear any noise coming from the apartments located on any floor of the building and also those on the same floor.

Because of that, many building owners and managers prohibit individuals or families from keeping pets, especially dogs, as they tend to bark and cause a nuisance to neighbours.

The Basenji is one of the few dog breeds that does not bark. That does not mean that it is a dumb dog. It is capable of emitting other types of sounds that are not usually noisy. It is a generally calm and quiet canine that can be perfect for individuals or families living in apartments.

Important Aspects to Take into Consideration to Have a Basenji in an Apartment

Pet-Friendly Apartment

One of the most important things to do if you want to live with your Basenji in an apartment is to check if the place accepts pets. Like a restaurant or shopping centre, apartment owners can also prohibit access to these animals.

If you already live in an apartment, it is crucial that before bringing a Basenji, you ask the owner of the building if he allows pets.

Some pets, especially dogs, are not allowed in these places because they can be a nuisance to their owners’ neighbours. Remember that there are breeds of dogs that bark loudly and can irritate people who live nearby.

Fortunately, the Basenji is a dog that does not bark. Although it can produce other sounds, it is not characterized by barking.

In case the owner of the building does not accept pets, then you will have to acquire another breed.

On the other hand, if you are thinking of moving into an apartment and already have a Basenji, then you have to thoroughly research various buildings that accept dogs.

It is possible that none of the nearby places accept pets, and that is why you have to explain your situation to them and clarify that the Basenji is a breed of dog that does not bark.

Separation Anxiety

We know that Basenjis are independent dogs, that is, sometimes they want to spend time alone and do not need too much attention, unlike other breeds. That does not mean that they do not need to receive love from their loved ones.

All dog breeds suffer from separation anxiety when left alone for a long time, and the Basenji is no exception. Leaving such a dog alone in an apartment for more than 5 hours while you go to work can be negative. 

Basenjis not only need attention from time to time, but they also need to be exercised; otherwise, they will try to release all the accumulated energy through inappropriate or destructive behaviours such as scratching or chewing on furniture, running around, etc.

If you train your Basenji, it will be able to stay alone for about 8 hours. Whatever the case, it is recommended that before you go to work, you exercise your dog for at least an hour. That way, it will feel satisfied and tired, and all it will want to do is rest and sleep in your absence.


One of the main reasons apartment owners don’t allow dogs is because of how noisy they can be when they bark.

This situation could irritate the neighbours since we have to remember that each apartment in a building is next to the other, so it is very easy for the neighbours to hear the loud barking of your canine.

Fortunately, Basenjis are quiet dogs when it comes to barking. These canines do not bark, but they can produce other types of sounds which are not usually loud.

Spacious Place to Exercise Your Basenji

Basenjis need plenty of daily exercise due to their high energy level. For that reason, it is important that you find a place near your apartment where you can exercise them. Such a place can be a park or any spacious place where it is allowed to bring a pet.

The most advisable thing is that you choose a fenced place to prevent your Basenji from running away. Remember that these canines are known as escape artists. For that reason, it is vital that you always keep it on a leash.

What Should We Do to Get Our Basenji Used to Life in an Apartment?

Living in an apartment with a pet can be challenging as there are many factors that play critical roles. Therefore, if you want to raise your Basenji correctly and provide it with a good lifestyle in an apartment, you should consider the following:

Train Your Basenji from Puppyhood

The ideal is to train your Basenji from puppyhood since it is the best age to learn quickly. That’s because these dogs are stubborn and independent, making it difficult to train them as adults even though they are intelligent animals.

The most important thing is to provide them with the following types of training when they are young:

  • Socialisation training.
  • Obedience training.
  • Potty training.

We have to be patient and consistent when training a Basenji. It can be complicated but not impossible.

Keep Your Basenji Stimulated Physically and Mentally

As we have already mentioned, Basenjis are active and energetic dogs that love to exercise. They can get bored quickly and easily, so it is essential to keep them stimulated mentally and physically.

The objective of this is to prevent our pets from developing unwanted behaviours. You can do this by allowing your Basenji to experience new things in different places. Toys are also a good option for it to have fun and keeping busy.

Obviously, the daily exercise routine cannot be absent. Make sure to provide it with different daily physical activities because if you always offer it the same, it will get bored and develop unwanted and destructive behaviours.

Let Your Basenji Know That You Are the Boss

This breed of dog has a strong pack instinct, so it is vital that you let it know that you are the boss. You must establish your role as a leader from the beginning and maintain it as these dogs are independent and can be challenging to control.

Your Basenji needs you to be a firm leader capable of following the rules consistently. That way, our pets will feel safer and more comfortable.