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Will Akitas Run Away?

Most people on the planet love to have and live with a pet. Many of them choose dogs because they are excellent companions and provide us with many benefits from an emotional and physical point of view.

The problem with all this is when an inexperienced person taking care of animals acquires a canine, especially an Akita. These dogs are interesting because despite being affectionate and calm, they also exhibit aggressive behavior depending on the situation. That is precisely due to their hunting instinct.

Will Akitas Run Away

Whether you’re an experienced dog owner or not, if they don’t care for your Akita properly and give it the lifestyle it needs, it may end up running away. That is a concern for most people who have a dog of this type.

Why Does an Akita Run Away?

As we have said before, an Akita has a strong hunting instinct that makes it an excellent guard dog. It will always be alert to everything and will not hesitate to chase the first thing it sees moving. However, this is not the main reason it might run away because if it is really well trained, it will come back to you.

The problem is that these dogs are not easy to train as they can be very stubborn. Therefore, if they are not obedient, they could disappear from your sight at any time while you are walking through the park.

Also, suppose its owner has treated it badly, or it had experiences with other owners in the past. In that case, it is possible that your Akita experiences fear in certain situations that can make it run away, whether you are in a park or at home. Also, perhaps the cause of your Akita’s fear is some loud and strange noise.

Another reason your Akita may run away, especially if you have a male, is a female in heat nearby. It is possible that you are walking through the park and your Akita runs away when it locates a female in heat through its scent.

What Can I Do So That My Akita Does Not Run Away?

It is essential to know that a well-trained Akita will never run away. If your dog tends to escape, then it is because it is not well trained.

In these cases, it is vital that you let your Akita know that you are the pack leader. These dogs can be very stubborn and make you believe that they are the boss.

Training such a dog is not easy, especially for an inexperienced person. However, with a good attitude, patience and persistence, it is possible to achieve it.

To prevent your Akita from running away, all you have to do is teach it to follow your commands. That is, you must make your dog come towards you when you call it, make it sit or get up when you order it to, etc.

Some tips you can follow to prevent your Akita from running away are:

  • Create a strong bond of friendship and trust with your dog. That way, it will be very difficult for it to escape from you.
  • Never treat it badly. Avoid scolding or hitting it when it does something wrong, as that will worsen things.
  • Always reward it with treats for its good behaviour.
  • Keep your Akita from getting stressed because it might try to run away when it feels very anxious.
  • Never take it to places where it could hear loud and strange noises. Likewise, keep the volume on your TV or radio at a moderate level.
  • Exercise your dog every day to prevent it from getting bored as this is another cause that would lead it to escape.
  • Neuter your Akita to prevent it from going after a female in heat.

What to Do If My Akita Runs Away?

In case your Akita has escaped for one reason or another, the main thing is to remain calm. You should not despair; otherwise, you will not be able to make the best decisions to find it.

Patience is crucial in these cases. You should think carefully about the reason why your Akita ran away. That will give you an idea of ​​what you can do.

The important thing is to know that if you have always treated your Akita well and you both have an excellent connection, then it will return home. These dogs are very loyal to their owners, so they will return without hesitation.

If you walk in the park with your dog and start running away from you, don’t chase it as it will keep running. Here is where obedience training becomes critical. Call it by its name and order it to come to you. In fact, this will work even when you can’t see it since it will simply find you by the sound of your voice.

Depending on why your Akita ran away, it may not obey your commands at times. In those cases, you will have no choice but to prevent it from escaping. You could run after it, but you should try not to make it think you are a threat.