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Will Akita Really Protect You?

Akitas are known for different reasons. One of them is its excellent ability as a guard dog. This canine is characterized by feeling the need to protect its owners and its human family members. With good socialization training, they will also protect children and other pets in the home.

Its protective instinct not only makes it an excellent guard dog but also its large size, which is imposing against potential attackers.

Will Akita Really Protect You

It should be noted that this breed of dog is amiable and affectionate with their loved ones but is very distant from strangers. When they see an unknown person approaching, they may become alert and prepare to shoo them away.

Can We Consider Akitas as One of the Best Protective Breeds?

Completely! The Akitas are one of the best protectors that we can find among the great variety of breeds that exist. Its protective instinct is one of its most characteristic qualities. The reason for this is that these dogs were bred in Japan to protect royalty. They were even used as protective canines by Japanese soldiers at the time.

Akitas are always alert to any situation that surrounds them and are very brave when facing threats from a stranger or animal. They take their job of protecting their human family members seriously.

In fact, they are dogs that can show aggressive behavior towards people who are a threat. That can be dangerous if you have a whole family in your home as Akitas are known for not being the friendliest with children. That is because the little ones tend to bother animals of this type (unconsciously), and that is something that this breed does not tolerate.

That does not mean that they are not protective of children. They will simply need to receive good socialization training.

Are Akitas Protective from Birth?

No! We cannot pretend that these canines are protective when they are newborns. However, as the months go by, we will begin to see hints of its protective instinct.

Between 12 and 18 months of age, your Akita should already become protective since that is the time when it becomes or is about to become an adult. It is the same thing that happens with human beings; adults are the ones who should protect children.

When they reach that stage, the adult Akita will begin to protect their owners, members of their human family, their home, and their belongings (toys, food, and more).

Not all Akitas enter their adult stage in the same amount of time. Some take longer and others less. We can see an Akita with 18 months of age that is not yet protective and another with only 10 months showing its protective nature.

Do Akitas Protect Only Their Owners?

No! However, due to the strong bond created with their owners, Akitas tend to protect them more than any other member of the family. In fact, these canines are considered the natural guardians of their owners.

Akitas are able to identify and understand any threat or danger. These instincts develop more as the canine grows. Therefore, it is easy for these dogs to detect any danger and alert their owners about it. They will try to protect them at all costs.

The fact that they are excellent protectors of their owners does not mean that they cannot protect the rest of the family members and even children.

However, due to their temperament, it is essential that they receive socialization training from an early age. In this way, they will love others in the same way they love their owners and protect them without hesitation.

What Else Do Akitas Protect?

Akitas are not only capable of protecting their owners and members of their human family, but also their protective instinct makes them want to defend their home. Their home is the place where they and their pack spend time and shelter from outside dangers.

These dogs will not let any stranger near their home without first notifying their owners. They will be alert and prepared to face any threat. For that reason, as an owner of an Akita, you must train it so that it learns to get along with your visitors; otherwise, it is likely that it will try to attack or even bite them.

In the same way, the Akitas have a territorial behavior. Everything they consider theirs will be protected at all costs. For example, if your dog has a resting space inside the house with its bed, toys, food, or toilet bowl, it will protect them and not let anyone take them away.

Can My Akita Be an Excellent Guard Dog?

As we have already said above, these dogs can become excellent guard dogs due to their protective nature. In fact, they meet 2 fundamental requirements to be excellent protection dogs:

  • They have a calm temperament in threatening situations. Their hunting instinct keeps them alert to any dangerous circumstance, and they are able to analyse the situation to respond in different ways according to a particular threat.
  • They are the perfect size to be excellent guard dogs. Akitas are large canines that measure between 61 cm and 67 cm and weigh up to 45 kg. A dog of this size will scare off any stranger who poses a threat.