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When Do Akitas Calm Down?

Dogs bring many benefits to our lives, whether from an emotional or physical point of view. They can help us stop feeling lonely and provide us with many happy days, but they can also be motivating in our active lifestyle as we can exercise with them in many ways.

There is a wide variety of dog breeds that can offer us all these benefits, and the Akita is no exception. This canine is characterized by being friendly and affectionate, especially with its owners and its human family members.

When Do Akitas Calm Down

In addition, it is a dog that needs to exercise every day. It should at least be walked twice a day and di some other type of physical activity to stay happy, healthy, and in good shape.

Because Akitas are large in size and can be very active, energetic, and strong, most Akita owners wonder when their pets will calm down.

These dogs are generally calm, so when they start to act very energetic and hyperactive, you can use your voice to help them relax. Daily exercises are also a great option.

There is no exact moment when these dogs will calm down. Generally speaking, a puppy Akita will be much more active than an adult. Therefore, when an Akita is reaching two years of age, it may begin to calm down and not be as energetic as before. Dogs are like human beings; their physical energy decreases as they age.

What Can We Do to Calm Our Akita?

Not all Akitas are the same. Some are more active and energetic than others, mainly due to their personality. We can’t wait 2 years for our pet to calm down. Therefore, if your Akita is very energetic and hyperactive, there are certain aspects that you can take into account to calm it down.

Akita Exercise and Training

All dogs need daily exercise, and the Akita is no exception. They are very strong dogs with a lot of resistance that can withstand a couple of daily exercise sessions (each one hour). It is true that these dogs can be calm much of the day, but even so, when they become hyperactive, they could cause you a lot of problems.

Exercise is one of the most effective ways to calm your Akita and will obviously be beneficial for its physical and mental health as well. Any type of exercise, games, or training will be enough to satisfy the needs of this canine.

Some activities or games that you can use to exercise your Akita are:

  • Swimming
  • Tug of War
  • Fetch
  • Frisbees
  • Walks

As for this canine training, you have to know that these dogs are very challenging to train as they can be very stubborn. You must be very patient when training an Akita.

Training is helpful in getting your Akita to obey you. That way, no matter how energetic your dog is, it will do what you tell it to do, so you won’t have to worry.

Akita Feeding

The food an animal consumes also provides them with extra energy. There are certain foods that can make your Akita more hyperactive. We have to remember that these canines come from Japan, where they are used to eating foods such as fish, rice, or algae. These foods are full of energy.

You should avoid giving it foods that are high in carbohydrates. Rice is good, but you don’t have to give it too much. What you can also do is add vegetables to its diet. That way, it will stay healthy and maintain a decent energy level without going overboard.

Create a Nice Space

Perhaps your dog is hyperactive not precisely because of a lack of exercise or a good diet but because of some external agent. That could be disturbing noise, an animal living in another house, strange smells, etc. Therefore, it is vital that you know exactly what is causing the hyperactivity in your Akita.

The most appropriate thing is to create a suitable environment for your pet where it can be relaxed all the time.

Common Mistakes When Trying to Calm Your Akita

Due to their inexperience, many people tend to try to calm their pets through the wrong methods. The problem is that most Akita owners have no patience. As a result, they scold and even hit their pet, which is totally wrong. The only thing they will cause is the opposite effect.

If you want your Akita to obey you and behave appropriately, hitting and scolding are not the solution. Failing that, you could deny it treats every time it does something wrong.

The best solution to calm Akitas is to talk to them calmly and convey positive messages instead of threatening ones. If such a dog feels threatened, the last thing it will do is calm down. On the contrary, it will become aggressive and possibly try to attack you.