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Should I Shave My Akita?

Having a pet at home not only means being accompanied all the time but also having someone to hug, caress and show love. We know that there are many animals that can be pets, such as cats or birds, but the most common in most homes are dogs.

Not all people choose a canine for the same reason. Some do it for the qualities of the animal, while others simply for its physical appearance. In fact, almost the entire world population would not resist touching and petting a fluffy puppy.

Should I Shave My Akita

As we know, not all dogs are the same. There are canines with different physical characteristics that allow them to differentiate themselves from others. Fur is one of those physical traits.

We can find dogs with very short coats and others with denser coats like that of an Akita. Many owners of dogs of this type wonder if it is good to shave them.

That’s because many people love to give their pets haircuts to make them look cuter and more stylish. However, they do not know that this action could have negative consequences on the fur and skin of your canine.

Is It Really Good to Shave My Akita?

When the hot seasons arrive, Akita owners begin to worry about their canines. That is because excess heat could negatively affect them, mainly due to the dense fur they present. For that reason, many dog ​​owners make the decision to shave their pets to prevent the heat from impacting them.

However, it is never recommended to shave the coat of an Akita or any other dog as this would lose its natural protection from the elements and put its skin at serious risk.

We have to remember that Akitas have a double-layered coat. The inner layer is fluffy and dense, while the outer one is water repellent and stiff. Both layers of fur help the Akita against extreme weather, be it cold or hot.

The Function of the Double-Layered Coat of an Akita

Each layer of fur fulfils a specific function:

  • The inner layer allows the regulation of the Akita’s body temperature, protecting it against the cold during hot seasons and against the heat during cold climates.
  • The outer layer is responsible for protecting the Akita from dirt and certain weather conditions such as rain.

It should be noted that the two layers of the fur of a dog of this type not only help keep them cool during hot weather but also protects them from skin cancer, sunburn, and even a heatstroke.

An interesting fact is that during cold climates, the inner layer becomes thicker, which allows it to maintain heat, while the outer layer is responsible for protecting the inner layer from the water.

Disadvantages of Shaving my Akita

  • Shaving an Akita or any other double-coated breed dog brings many problems and permanent damage to their skin, eventually causing hair loss.
  • Likewise, if you shave an Akita, you are risking the natural growth process of the protective coat. That is, when cutting the fur of such an animal, both layers of hair are at the same level. That represents an inconvenience since possibly the inner layer grows faster, causing the problem that we have already mentioned.
  • When your Akita’s fur grows back, its texture changes. In fact, some debris, grass, or anything else that gets in your Akita’s way could stick to its fur.

How to Help your Akita During Hot Weather?

Since it is not recommended to shave your Akita, you may be wondering what you should do to keep your pet cool during hot weather.

Although the coat can regulate both low and high temperatures, that may not be enough in extremely hot climates. Therefore, there are certain tips you could follow to keep your Akita fresh without shaving:

  • If the weather is excessively hot, it is best to keep your Akita indoors. Make sure the air conditioning is on, and your dog is in a place with a comfortable temperature. Keep in mind that you should take your pet out from time to time to get some exercise.
  • Do not force your Akita during exercise sessions. If you let your canine run and play outside for long periods of time, it could get a heatstroke.
  • Always keep your Akita hydrated regardless of whether it is outside or inside the house. Place a bowl of water near its resting place.

Will Shaving Your Akita Stop Its Shedding?

As we know, Akitas shed throughout the year, but they shed even more during the spring and fall. Shaving your canine will not stop the shedding. In fact, it could get worse.

You have to know that the inner layer grows several times a year after shedding while the outer one grows every few years. As we have explained above, when shaving an Akita, its inner layer grows back faster and thicker than the other, so it will tend to shed more. In addition, this would also mean that the undercoat fur gets tangled more easily.