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Should Akitas Be Muzzled?

When a person wants a dog as a pet, he or she will want to avoid bringing home a breed of dog with aggressive tendencies. There is a wide variety of canines around the world, and many of them have a particular personality.

Some are very affectionate towards their owners and members of their human family, while others may have aggressive behaviour towards certain targets.

Should Akitas Be Muzzled

Many individuals claim that Akitas are aggressive dogs. That is not true at all. Akitas are very friendly canines with their loved ones and can be aloof around strangers. Although it is true that this canine can be aggressive towards children and animals, that does not mean that its nature is of this type.

The reason why such an animal acts incorrectly is due to some triggering agent. For example, the Akita may feel threatened or perhaps irritated by a child’s actions. Because of that, Akita owners wonder if these dogs must be muzzled.

Is a Muzzle Really Necessary for My Akita?

That depends on several things. Generally, the ideal thing would be not to use a muzzle since that could be very uncomfortable for our pet.

Many people believe that we should only put a muzzle on our dog if it is aggressive or tends to attack, but there are other reasons. For example, if your Akita is injured, it might try to bite you due to the pain it feels when you try to treat its wounds or carry it away.

Therefore, the muzzle can be a great option for certain situations where you need it. Obviously, if it is for aggressive reasons, the best thing an Akita owner can do is train his pet from an early age. It is important to provide socialization training so that the canine learns to get along with other people, animals, and even children.

When is It Advisable to Use a Muzzle for Your Akita?

As we have said before, there are many occasions to use a muzzle for our Akita. The most important are the following:

When Our Akita is Injured

When our Akita is injured, whether due to a fight with another dog, a scratch from a cat, or an accident, it will likely react aggressively and try to bite us due to the pain it feels. Why is that happening? When these types of incidents occur, it is normal that we should treat our canine or, failing that, carry it to take it to the vet. At that time, our Akita could bite us.

You have to keep in mind that this is a difficult time for your Akita because of its pain. When we get close to it, it might think we want to hurt it, and that’s why it tends to attack. A muzzle could help us treat our pet’s injuries in a safe way.

When Our Akita Feels Threatened

The Akita is considered a guard dog due to its protective tendency. When this dog feels a threat, either from a stranger approaching the house or during examinations at the vet, it may feel worried and react aggressively by barking, biting, etc.

A muzzle is unnecessary in the first case since it is good for our canine to protect our house and warn us about a potential threat. However, a muzzle is an amazing option when taking our Akita to the vet for tests. As time goes by, your pet will get used to these situations and no longer need a muzzle.

When Your Dog Has Already Bitten Someone in the Past

It is possible that your Akita has more aggressive tendencies than other dogs of this breed due to bad experiences in the past. If you got your dog as an adult, it probably came from a place where it was treated poorly. That can make your animal aggressive and tend to bite those around it, especially if it doesn’t trust them.

Without a doubt, this is one of the cases where you should consider using a muzzle for your Akita. Remember that the best way to prevent an unwanted situation is to train your dog. In more extreme cases, you can take your pet to an animal behaviorist, a professional dog trainer, or an excellent veterinarian for help with the problem.

When You Groom Your Akita

If your Akita is not used to baths or nail trimming, it is possible that it reacts with the intention of biting. If that is your case, then do not hesitate to use a muzzle on your Akita,

Aspects to Consider

  • You should never use the muzzle to prevent your dog from barking or chewing something as this is in its nature, and you will only worsen the situation.
  • The best option is to use a muzzle only for specific situations.
  • Use a muzzle only when you are supervising your canine.
  • You must use the muzzle on your Akita for as long as necessary, according to the situation. Generally, you should not use it for a long time.