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How Often Should Akitas Be Bathed?

Having a dog as a pet is a big responsibility, especially if it is an Akita. These dogs are large and may require more grooming than other dog breeds. Grooming is one of the most critical aspects when caring for a pet.

It should be noted that the grooming of a dog is not only made up of brushing its fur but also cutting its nails, cleaning its ears, and, of course, bathing. In this case, we will talk a bit about how often an Akita should be bathed.

How Often Should Akitas Be Bathed

Many people, especially first-time dog owners, don’t know how to care for their pets, much less when to bathe them. Some bathe their dogs every 4 months, others once a week, and many others every day, which is something completely wrong that could damage not only the pet’s fur but also its skin.

For that reason, it is essential to learn more about how to bathe your Akita and how often to do it. Generally, a dog of this type should be bathed once a month, specifically, every 6 weeks. However, this is just an average time since if your Akita runs outside and gets dirty often, you will need to bathe it more often.

We have to remember that the Akita is a double-coated dog, so we must use the proper techniques for both bathing and drying to keep its coat healthy and prevent matting.

Although the Akita is a clean dog that tends to groom itself often after playing, running, or exercising, it is important that you pay extreme attention to regular grooming to keep it healthy and prevent any disease or infection from affecting it.

How to Bathe Your Akita?

Most dog owners have no idea how to bathe their pets. They just grab a hose and wash their Akita. However, this is not the correct way since we are only using water, and we are forgetting about the dog shampoo as well as spreading it throughout the animal’s body. After that, we simply let our pet dry in the open air, but it is not recommended either.

Therefore, you can follow the steps below to properly bathe your Akita:

  • Gather the necessary products to bathe your dog efficiently.
  • Before bathing your Akita, use a high-speed blow dryer on its fur to remove all dirt and surface debris from the skin.
  • After that, give your dog a quick brush. That is simply for the purpose of completely removing any debris from its fur.
  • Once you have dried and brushed your Akita, you can proceed to moisten its coat. At this time, use a special shampoo for dogs and rub it throughout their fur and even on the skin. The use of shampoo is important to help strengthen the hair of this canine.
  • Thoroughly rinse your Akita’s coat and then use a conditioner to moisturize it. Make sure it’s a light conditioner rather than a heavy conditioner.
  • In this step, you will have finished bathing it. Now use a towel to remove excess moisture from your pet’s fur. Complement this stage by using a hairdryer to finish drying each part of its body.
  • It is always advisable to brush the coat of an Akita after each bath.

Why is It Essential to Bathe Our Akita at the Right Time?

Just as there are dog owners who bathe their pets every day or once a week, there are also others who practically never bathe them or, failing that, do so every 3 or 4 months.

That is bad enough as our Akita will not only smell bad, but its own health is at risk. You should keep this in mind no matter where you live or if your pet spends more time outside than inside.

Many people believe that a dog gets dirty only with mud, but they really do not take into account the smoke from cars or factories that are in the air, which can fill your canine’s fur with bacteria causing potential diseases.

Therefore, it is best to bathe your Akita once a month, as we have already said above. The only exception to cleaning it before that time is if it has gotten drastically dirty.

Always remember to accompany your dog’s bath with other aspects of grooming, such as regular brushing, dental cleaning, nail clipping, and ear cleaning to prevent infections.

Apart from Bathing Our Akita, What Can We Use to Maintain Its Fur?

Bathing and brushing an Akita are essential to keep its coat healthy. However, we can achieve better results using the following products that will be beneficial for the fur of this animal:

  • Shampoo and conditioner, especially for dogs.
  • Dog perfume.
  • Foods such as eggs, chicken, rice, carrots, or olive oil.