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How Do Akitas Show Affection?

Just like humans, canines also have feelings and emotions. They may feel sad, happy, excited, stressed, worried, and more. Sometimes many people do not take that into account.

Akitas are very affectionate dogs, especially with their owners and members of their human family, although they need socialisation training to get along with other people, animals, and children.

How Do Akitas Show Affection

Many people don’t comprehend when an Akita is showing affection. Just like a person, an Akita can show love in certain ways. That is important to know if you are the owner of a dog of this type.

One of the most common ways an Akita shows affection towards their loved ones is by staring into their eyes. However, like other breeds of dogs, this one is capable of showing love in various ways, which we will explain below.

Common Ways Used by the Akita to Show Affection

First, we have to remember that this dog is considered to be a super affectionate breed. That does not mean that it will show affection for all people. Generally, it will do it with the people it loves the most, be it its owners or members of its human family.

They love spending time with them, playing, and receiving affection too. An Akita will not show affection to its owner if he or she treats it poorly or does not give it the love and respect it deserves.

As the owner of an Akita, you have to be willing to always play with your dog, hug it, kiss it, spend a lot of time with it, let it lean on you on the sofa or bed, etc. That will make the bonds between you and it stronger.

The most common forms of affection used by Akitas to show love towards their loved ones are:

Akitas Staring into Your Eyes

This is a very common way that many breeds of dogs show affection towards their owners and is one of the most common of the Akitas.

You will be able to tell that an Akita expresses love towards you when it stares into your eyes. Scientifically, this is due to a hormone called oxytocin which, when released, allows the canine and its loved ones to form stronger bonds.

You have to keep in mind that a stare from a dog of this type can also mean a threat, especially if the Akita is not yours.

Akitas Following You Everywhere

We all know that one of the most common forms of affection in most dog breeds, including the Akita, is following their owners around the house. Akitas are dogs that can be calm for much of the day, but sometimes you may realize that they are following you everywhere, even to the bathroom.

They do this with the aim of showing their love towards you and also to enjoy your company since they are dogs that need to be surrounded by their loved ones all the time. Your pet may also follow you everywhere for fear of being alone.

Akitas Sleeping with You

This form of affection is somewhat related to the previous one. Akitas need the company of their owners at all times and do not like to sleep alone. For that reason, you may notice that your canine is making space on your bed or sofa to lie down next to you and sleep with you.

At that time, it is also likely that your Akita is expecting caresses, hugs, or kisses from you.

Akitas Leaning on You

Akitas love to be with their loved ones all the time. Whether in bed or on the sofa, your dog will show its love by leaning its body on your body or placing its head on your lap as they fully trust you.

Akitas Jumping on You

When an Akita jumps on you, it does not mean that it is trying to annoy you. On the contrary, it is very happy to see you and just shows it by jumping on you.

Human beings show affection by giving hugs and kisses. When an Akita jumps on you, it is precisely trying to show you affection in that way; that is, it will try to hug you, lick your face, etc. You’re likely to see this type of behaviour after you’ve been away from home for a few hours.

Akitas Licking You

Dog licks on your face, hands, or even feet are just a way for them to give us kisses. It should be noted that not all Akitas are the same, so some may not display this behaviour as a form of affection.

Either way, if your Akita is one of those dogs that shows its love through “kisses,” then prepare to get a spit bath.


Many times, dog owners don’t know when their pet is showing affection. Taking into account what we have explained above, carefully observe each action of your Akita to understand what it is doing and why it is doing it. Surely it is trying to show you its affection and love.