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Can Akitas Live in Apartments?

Acquiring a pet is sometimes a limitation due to where you live. Not all animals are suitable to live in all places due to different factors. We can include in this list dogs, cats, birds, etc.

In this case, we will focus on dogs, specifically the Akita breed. The Akita is a dog of Japanese origin that is characterized by its beautiful physical appearance, its large size, and its affectionate but at the same time stubborn personality.

Can Akitas Live in Apartments

When people buy or adopt a dog of this type, the first thing they have to consider is the quality of life and the care they should give to the pet. However, we cannot take place where we live out of the equation since it is a determining factor that can make you decide whether or not to acquire an Akita.

Why? There are many factors that can make a dog more suitable to live in certain places than in others. A large dog will live better in a spacious house or field but could be a problem for apartment life. In the case of a small dog, it could live quietly in small houses or apartments.

Since a lot of people with pets live in apartments, let’s talk a little bit about the adaptability of an Akita to these places.

Can Akitas Really Live in Apartments?

Generally, these dogs can live quietly in an apartment with their human family members despite their size. That is mainly due to the personality and temperament of this canine. Akitas are known for being quiet for much of the day, so unless they are disturbed by other animals or children, they will not cause disaster.

You have to keep in mind that apartment life for a dog, regardless of the breed, may not be the best because one of the most important things that all animals of this type must do is exercise. If an active dog like the Akita is not exercised daily, it is likely to release all of its energy into the apartment through destructive behaviour.

You should also consider the age of your Akita. If you got an adult Akita, it might not be used to the space of an apartment. In this case, there are two tips that will help you:

  • Train your Akita to get used to apartment life and have a daily time to exercise outside.
  • If you have not yet acquired the Akita, consider bringing a puppy to your apartment instead of an adult of this species. That way, it will adjust to living in the apartment faster.

Factors to Consider for Apartment Life with Your Akita

Akita Exercise

Akitas were bred from their origins as hunting dogs. Its hunting instinct makes it want to run and chase prey. Therefore, it is obvious to think that an apartment could limit your canine in many aspects.

You should establish a daily routine and provide your Akita with one or two exercise sessions outside your apartment. Let it run, play, and have fun. After an hour, you can return to the apartment with your pet. It will get tired and just want to eat, lie down and rest.

Akita Apartment Size

As we have said above, Akitas can adapt to living in an apartment. But there are some that may not be the most suitable for your canine.

If you have a large apartment, your Akita will be happy because it might even have a space to run around without destroying anything in your home. However, if your apartment is small, then living together will be a bit more complicated, and you will have to practically do magic to create a resting space for your Akita.

Akita Potty Training

That is one of the most common concerns Akita owners have. People who live in ordinary houses could install a door for dogs so that your pet can go out and relieve itself. However, that is something you cannot do in an apartment.

Therefore, you must provide adequate training so that your Akita can pee and poo in specific places. If you don’t want your dog to relieve itself inside the apartment, then you can choose to train it by establishing a routine:

  • Create a daily routine so your Akita has specific times to go to the bathroom. That includes feeding your pet at particular times and giving your pet scheduled breaks. Take it out of the apartment at the same time every day so it can relieve itself.
  • Train it using positive reinforcement. Reward your Akita with treats whenever it goes to the right place.
  • We have to remember that Akitas can be challenging to train due to their temperament. Use some objects like pee pads to make the process easier. A dog litter box is also a great option.
  • Repeat this every day until your pet adjusts.