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Are Akitas Good Guard Dogs?

All dog breeds differ from each other by having distinctive characteristics. For example, some may be excellent service dogs, while others are extraordinary guard dogs.

There are a wide variety of guard dog breeds to choose from. Many people acquire dogs of this type to protect their homes. However, others simply buy them as pets.

Are Akitas Good Guard Dogs

Among the numerous guard dogs that exist, the Akita is one of the most interesting of them and about which we will talk in this article.

Akitas are excellent guard dogs because they have a protective instinct and a large size that allows them to be imposing. Apart from that, these canines do not trust strangers, so it is a quality that every guard dog should have.

In addition, this breed can display aggressive behavior towards people who show some type of threatening action. Akitas can also be aggressive towards children and other smaller animals due to their hunting instinct.

Characteristics That Make the Akita a Good Guard Dog

Akita Personality

As we have already said, these dogs have a hunting instinct that allows them to be alert at all times. They have the ability to stay calm in a threatening situation and warn their owners about it.

In fact, they are so intelligent in this aspect that they are able to analyze everything around them and respond to threats in different ways depending on the context.

The loyalty that Akitas offers to their owners is the most substantial reason these dogs have good protective instincts.

Akita Physical Traits

Another reason Akitas are considered good guard dogs is because of their size. These dogs are characterized by being large. They measure between 61 cm and 67 cm and weigh up to 45 kg. The size of this dog can be frightening for strangers and other animals, so it is a characteristic that allows them to scare them away efficiently.

The Akita’s gaze can be adorable, but it’s also intimidating at times. Its strong legs allow it to run fast after its target, and it is unlikely to tire any time soon.

Is the Akita the Best Guardian Dog?

It is very difficult to determine this as there is a wide variety of these dogs. However, proper training coupled with the Akita’s natural protective instinct will help it become the best guard dog for you.

The guardian origin of this canine comes from the history of Japan. Akitas were used as guard dogs to protect not only people but also their homes. As a curious fact, Japanese soldiers chose these animals as protectors. In fact, today, Akitas are used as police dogs.

Although they are affectionate and loyal to their owners and members of their human family, they can be aloof and even aggressive towards strangers.

It is well known that these dogs can act aggressively towards children if they bother them, but it is also possible to train them so that they also feel the need to protect them instead of attacking them.

These incredible guard dogs not only protect each member of their family but also alert you to a threat to your home.

Akitas as Guard Dogs for Your Family

Akitas recognize members of their human family as their pack. They will be willing to protect them at all costs and at any time. Although they were historically bred as hunters, they were also bred to be excellent companions, which is a quality every guard dog should have.

These canines are generally quiet much of the day, but on occasion, you may see them begin to follow you around. The reason for that is because they are watching and making sure that there is no threat that could affect you.

When they become aware of a potential threat, they will not hesitate to show their aggressive side. Although this is positive as a protection, it can also be negative if they do not know your friends as they could attack them thinking they are a danger.

Akitas as Guard Dogs for Your Home

As we said at the beginning of the article, many people acquire this type of dog with the sole objective of protecting the home. One of the most distinctive characteristics of this dog is its territorial behavior. These animals will always want to defend their area and their belongings, such as food or favorite toys.

Due to that trait, Akitas will not allow any stranger near their home. They will alert you to potential threats so you can be prepared.

You have to be aware that if you receive many visits often, you will have to train your canine from an early age and introduce it to your friends and visitors. That way, when a familiar person comes to your house, your Akita will not treat him as someone threatening but will welcome him.