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Are Akitas Good Family Dogs?

Although having a pet, regardless of the species, is a wonderful thing, it also carries a great responsibility in many aspects. That is especially true when it comes to dogs.

There are many breeds of dogs scattered throughout the planet. Each of them has different characteristics that allow them to differ from each other either in physical appearance, personality or temperament.

Are Akitas Good Family Dogs

That is important to note as many people, especially those getting a canine for the first time, think they can all make good family dogs. However, this is not the case since, despite the fact that most of the animals of this species can learn to be good family dogs, others are born with these characteristics.

Not all breeds make good family dogs from birth. In this case, Akitas can be good family dogs, but it is essential to keep in mind that they may not be the best choice for families with children due to their temperament.

When it comes to knowing if an Akita can be a good family dog, it is crucial to consider different factors and characteristics:

Akita Personality and Temperament

Akitas are generally calm dogs that are mainly characterized by the loyalty they offer towards their owners. They are shy and reserved animals that can be very stubborn, and sometimes, if they have not received socialization training, they can show aggressive behavior towards other smaller animals and children.

They can get along with their owners, human family members, and close friends but are very wary of strangers. Akitas will always try to protect their loved ones due to their excellent protective instincts.

The Akita can be a good family dog ​​even for families with children, but they must be willing to train the canine to learn to live with kids. In the same way, children must be educated to treat this dog well since, as we know, very young kids could mistreat pets thinking they are toys.

Akita Size

This characteristic may seem unimportant in determining whether or not an Akita is a good family dog. However, the size of a dog can make it good for certain families, depending on different contexts.

For example, if you live in a very small house with other family members, then the Akita will not be good for you. That is because this dog has a large size that varies between 61 cm and 67 cm and can reach up to 45 kg.

Also, because the Akita needs a lot of daily exercise, it could become destructive and run around the house, knocking down everything in its path if not exercised.

Similarly, the size of an Akita could be problematic for families with children as they could unintentionally hit and knock the little ones down while running.

On the other hand, Akitas can be excellent dogs for families that live in larger spaces such as a large house or a field. In these places, the canine will be able to run and play freely without endangering anyone.

Are Akitas Difficult to Train?

The answer is yes! This is a factor that makes this dog not ideal for first-time owners. This breed of dog is characterized by its stubborn personality.

They require a lot of training and constant dedication, so you will have to spend a lot of time. If the family that acquires an Akita is not willing to spend enough time and effort to train it, then they should consider getting another breed of dog.

It is essential to start training an Akita from an early age since that time is the most suitable for rapid learning. You must make sure to train it using the positive reinforcement method and avoid any verbal or physical punishment at all costs.

Due to its stubbornness, it can be difficult to provide socialization training to an Akita, especially if it is an adult. However, that is not something impossible and can be achieved with persistence and patience.

This type of training is vital to getting your dog to get along with children, animals, and certain people. That will make it an excellent family dog.

Akita Grooming

It is one of the factors that give many dog ​​owners a headache, especially the less experienced ones. Although grooming an Akita is not complex, it is important to note that these animals shed a lot. Fortunately, they only shed heavily twice a year (spring and fall), and the rest of the year, they shed more moderately.

Because of this, during seasons of excessive shedding, this canine’s coat needs to be brushed daily. It will only be enough to brush it between 2 and 3 times a week outside these periods.

Bathing a dog of this type can be somewhat complicated, especially for first-time owners. That is due to the large size of the canine and also to its dense fur, which requires more effort to completely wet it.

If you have problems with the grooming of your Akita, it is best to take it to a professional groomer to give these services to your canine every 3 months. That way, you won’t have to worry too much about grooming your pet.

Akita Allergies

A person with allergies should definitely not consider adopting or purchasing an Akita unless they are willing to face the consequences.

Akitas are not hypoallergenic dogs, so substances and elements, especially in their fur, will trigger many allergies. We have to remember that saliva and urine can also be allergy-causing agents apart from dander in the hair.


From a general standpoint, Akitas make excellent family dogs. However, depending on the family context, they might be good for some people more than others. While experienced dog owners without children are the best choice for these canines, the less experienced ones will have more trouble caring for them.

You must be willing to provide the necessary training and education. If you do, you will have an extraordinary family dog in your home!