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The world of dogs is vast and diverse, and it can be difficult to know which breed might suit your lifestyle best. With the help of MyDogBreed, you’ll learn about some of the most popular Dog breeds and Dog Mixes in the world today from what size they grow up to their temperament as well as where possible health issues lie for each breed.

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List of the Most Popular Dog Breeds and Mixes

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Some breeds are better suited for families with children that want a playful companion while others are known as “good watchdogs” that will protect their family’s property from intruders or other animals.

Each dog breed has its own personality traits and physical needs so it’s important to consider what type of pet would best fit into your home before adopting one.

Dog breeds can be grouped into several categories such as herding dogs, working dogs, and sporting dogs. Each breed has a specific function that it serves in the world of work or play. For example, the Golden Retriever is a popular family pet because it is an excellent hunting dog and retrieves waterfowl shot by hunters.

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Having a dog is a big responsibility, but it can be very rewarding. The first step before getting a new pet is doing research on different breeds so that you know which type might suit your lifestyle best.

In these Blog Posts, we will give you a comprehensive guide on all these dog breeds. We will tell you each breed’s origin, temperament, and activity level so that you can pick the perfect dog for your family!